Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay! I was tagged, Last Meme of the Year!

I thought since I'd not been posting a lot on the weaving blog and not a lot of traffic happens on the knitting blog that I'd be spared but nooooooooo thanks Susan ! LOL...

This is the sixth pic in the sixth folder in my pictures

It was taken at the Florida Keys in a Corvette Car Show, Vettes in Paradise in November 2008. Mr. Deepend is an avid Corvette Enthusiast, we have own three cars over the course of 14 years, all were in car shows and all have won 1st place in some category or other. Mr. Deepend is as passionate about his cars as I am about my fiber, so I respect his hobby albeit it "expensive hobby" (sometimes I think why the man couldn't have just loved to race gas powered model cars). This is a 2005 Chevy Corvette fully converted to resemble a 1958 convertible, the proud owner of this car spent over $ 150k customizing the car and trust me no detail went unnoticed, he shipped the car to WA to have it done and then picked it up and drove it down to Florida. Yeah, what a little hobby eh? And you thought that loom was a big ticket item.


Isela said...

I would trade all my looms for a beauty like the one in that picture! The car is amazing!

Leigh said...

Somehow cars never appealed to me that much. *grin* It is a neat 6th photo though.

Jane said...

Everyone has their deal. :-) For years I would tell our son that I was waiting for a grandbaby. His reply? "I have a baby, Mom, and when she breaks, I know how to fix her." He was talking about his Camero that he bought as a teenager, and has lovingly spent 15 years restoring, racing, and generally tweaking.

Oh -- he finally had the good sense to marry a lovely woman who came with 2 daughters, so we finally got our grandkids!!

Mr's car is sure cool, and the great thing is, that you're right -- your weaving is not the big ticket item, so you can have a lot of fun catching up with him in that department. :)

Happy, happy New Year!