Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mitered Baby Blanket

This is the progress on the mitered baby blanket, I know I promised no endless photos of mitered squares, but I thought I would share with you what I've been up to. I like the colors and the design I came up with, what I don't like is the reverse side, can anyone say, sloppy and messy looking, ugh!! I think I'm going to sew a complimentary piece of material on the other side and keep all the mess between the fabrics, I'll have to think about how to accomplish that with out it looking like a big pillow case. Maybe with some quilt stitching which I've never done, but I guess I'll try.

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Sorry Folks!! I had a temporary mind lapse, I'll have to keep my blog here after all. Wordpress is not my cup of tea. So I'm back here and I truely appologize for the inconvenience I didn't want to cause anyone any problems. I've had a few complaints about the blog not loading with images and the images not being in the right spaces etc..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Okay, and with that title you have to figure that I have finished the cream shawl, I'm abstaining from taking a pic until I come back from vacation. I'd like to get a really nice creative shot, since the last pic really was atrocious.

Since I was needing a knitting project to take along and I have this wonderful, and very thin yarn in the stash. Which I have decided to turn into another shawl. With what I learned from the recent pattern, I am creating my own design, which I'm enjoying. I scanned this pic because I'm not having any luck with the camera. I'm using #5 needles (3.75mm) Susan Bates Silvalume. I like the needles nylon cable it's not as twirly as the bamboo needles I use, but the tips oh slippery as the dickens. Yes, they have made me curse twice but I'm getting the hang of it. I also love the colors really soft and feminine.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update on Shawl

I'm in love with the knitting on this one, it's a really easy pattern and with it I learned to do K2, YO, K2, which the YO was the part I didn't know how to do and it creates the little eyelets, very cuteypie.

Since I'm knitting on it for about two hours a day I have 2 .5 more skiens to finish and I'll have it completed for my trip. I started with 5 skeins of this bulky yarn which weighed a pound so each skein was 3.20 oz. (math whiz that I am hehe). So far it's 29" long x 40" @ the hypotenuse with about 7 oz to go I'm also loving the fact that I don't need to fringe it, as I twisted fringe last year for what seemed to be an eternity LOL. Sorry about the crappy pic, but I left my camera at home and had to use the company issued construction camera (very scary piece of equipment).

So now my mind is working on the next knitting project I need to take with me that I can do for the long drive (14 hours). The baby blanket is too cumbersome for the car and I'm going to need something portable and of course from my stash. Maybe I'll start the stash buster afghan, now what stitch... that will take a bit of research, cause I'd like to learn somthing new, I wanted to do it in Entrelac, my elusive confusing stitch, maybe that will be a good time to learn it after all I do have 14 hrs to kill.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Knitting

I know, I know, I should not start yet another project, what with two on needles, but the baby blanket was driving me nuts and I needed to take some drastic measures so I decided to do a simple shawl. The pattern is here if your interested and I have another link to share for free knitting patterns here, maybe some of you know about it, but for those who don't I hope you enjoy browsing, I spent two hours on there yesterday lol, but I digress (see my mind is not concentrating lately, but oh well)

In keeping with my stash busting, I'm using yarn that I bought at the Rag Shop before they went out of business, I posted about it here, it wasn't labled as anything, but I know it's acrylic (I'm not itching hehe) it's bulky I'd say #5 and soft as buuuudder I'm knitting with my 10.5 circs but I wish I knew who manufactures it because I would buy more, what a great surprise to work with, really nice yarn. I'd like to finish before I leave on my trip in two weeks and I think I can accomplish it. I have not abondoned the blanket I'm leaving it to do during my lunch breaks at work. Maybe this will free up some of my time to plan some weaving, it's been too long since I've woven anything and I really miss my loom.

I also uploaded my knitting bag pic, I received this as a Christmas present from one of my co-workers, he's such a doll. Inside was some wonderful hand creme, body wash, makeup and chocolates, but believe it or not what I loved the most was the bag, ever since I've use it as my knitting travel bag, everyone at work thinks I'm nuts, but it's so cute I can't resist, the reindeer just make me smile.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Weirdo Knitter

Last night I went to the LYS and sat in on a knit in. I would never generally go to the store because there is alot of animal fiber in there and of course my allergies go haywire, but I wanted to get a feel for the shop owner and instructor because I'd like to take an Entrelac class and I thought this was the best way to check out the atmosphere. What I found out is that I'm a weirdo knitter, I knit English style when I do a knt stitch and I throw the yarn so I was told and Continental when I purl and I don't even hold the yarn behind the project on the purl but in front and I do it backwards looping over and around insted of under and around. Trust me everyone was staring and commenting on this weirdo way I knit. I'm not really shy, but I don't like to be stared at, it's uncomfortable, add to this commentary and I was beet red and I started getting nervous which didn't help the knitting and being a newbie, this really rocked my confidence to a nano byte.

I explained that I am self taught with books, internet videos amazing blog knitters and some yahoo group help, I was met with open mouths and raised eyebrows. They tried to correct my hands, my holding of yarn and the position of my needles, after all this instruction, I couldn't knit not one stitch and I've been knitting really quick in weirdo, I'm confused, my knitting looks like everyone elses in the end so why is my method so appauling? I couldn't ask this bunch of snoberettes so.... needless to say I don't think I will learn Entrelac.... at least not in this shop and God only knows I have a very limited source of LYS, the next closest place is 20 miles, which translate in our traffic time to 45 mins to an hour commute after work, shall we say NOT HAPPENING.

So if anyone has an internet video, or book I can get, so that I can see how it's done and convert it in to weirdo, then please let me know I'll appreciate it.

On the baby blanket, I have finished the (torture) mitered squares and have begun to put them together, once I have one side attached to each other I plan to pick up the stitches and start striping. I got a stripe pattern from here which is a great help, I don't remember how I got to that webpage but I'm sure it was reading someone else's blog.

I don't have any new pics of projects but I can leave you with what Miami looks like today