Friday, July 27, 2007


FROGGED!!! I had to frog my sleeve WHAAAAAAA!! I did about 10 inches and then decided that I didn't like it and it was toooooooo wide. Since I'm a extreme novice needle knitter, I started the sleeve from the shoulder down decreasing as I went along, well that did work, so now I've started from the cuff up, it seems to be going alot better with the increasing for my forearm. I'll see how it goes along, although I need to run to get some more of this yarn, I didn't know how much I would need and 3 skiens is not going to cut it. Yeah yarn shopping again, speaking of which, the Rag Shop chain of hobby stores is going out of business here the stores are closing up really fast. I have a store close by that is buried in a shopping center and no one even knows it's there. I was in there last week and bought some circular needles size 10mm for my chunky yarn, some stitch holders for cables and stitch markers, I saw a ton of yarn and really fell in love with a soft chunky ivory color acrylic blend, but there was no price on any of the skiens, since I was with DH and he has a total dislike of craft stores I rushed out and didn't ask, but tonight my son and DH are going out and I'm going shopping. Gotta love dad & son night (hehehehe)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Finally Finished!! I finished my 1st panel for the Ruana am I happy oh YES!! The following is a small pictorial of my progress, during this one, I had to move my tri loom to my office lunch room because of the sale of the house. So the background has changed some. We're planning to go to North Carolina, Thanksgiving week and would like to have the ruana finished to wear it. I put it on Sexy Susan, my model to see how it looked. I love the drape and the feel of the fabric, this one is really soft, unlike the red and white shawl that was very stiff. I haven't washed yet as I still need to make the other panel, but I don't think it will stiffen after washing either.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Lake


Mama Duck and Ducklings Oak with Spanish Moss


Poinciana Flowers & Tree

Fuzzy Bush

Every afternoon or at least every other afternoon, I try to walk around the lake that is close to my home. There's an asphalt path around it and it's community property so that everyone can enjoy. I took some pics of some trees, plants and wildlife (if they can be called that) that live around the lake. The orange blooming tree is a poinciana tree (native), I took a close up of the flower which I think is really beautiful, and tropical. The bush with the red fuzzy things I don't really know what it's called but I thought it was neat, then there's the giant stag horn on the ficus tree, the oak tree (not indigenous) with the wonderful Spanish moss also not native. The mama duck and ducklings, and the white birds with long beaks are white ibis, they stick their long beaks int the water's shore and eat the bugs and small fish, they're neat to watch for a while. Then there's the shot of the lake with the backyards that face it, the lake is about 1 mile around and I walk 3 to 4 laps not much but in 98 degrees its a task, I enjoy it better in the winter when is 60-70 degrees or lower.

Now for some Knitting News:

I have been (gulp) needle knitting for four days actually evenings and I really am liking it, will I give up my looms na, but I can see some potential wandering hehe. The pics are of the jean vest, I consider, I got for a steal and the sleeve I'm knitting for it. the last pic is of my sleeve stretched out for you to see the detail of which there's a mistake I need to correct. Once I get past my elbow I'll need to learn to decrease and then I'll need a rib stitch for the cuff.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting Updates

Not too long ago someone (and I forget who, I'm sorry if you read my blog please let me know it's you) posted on the boardknitter group a project that consisted of a jean vest with knitted arms, I thought the idea was great. A few weekends ago on one of my outlet mall shopping trips I picked up a jean vest from JC Penney's for only $7.99 and I of course was already planning on the sleeves. Yesterday I went to Michael's and got this really yummy yarn from Patons it's 75% acrylic with the rest in wool this is what I got // I love it I held it in my hands for 20 mins or so to see if I would have an allergic reaction, and I didn't so I bought 3 skeins and I also bought circular knitting needles. Yes I am going to try to knit the sleeves with the needles instead of the knitting board. I started last night and it's going well, I'm using my Creative Knitting Mag for stitch instructions and Mary Thomas's knitting book for the cables I'm doing. It hasn't been as complicated as I had experienced in the past, maybe the board knitting has helped me understand how needle knitting works, I'm actually excited to see how it goes. Since there are some items I'd like to make and the board it not adequate for them. I also finished the doggie sweater for Sasha, she wasn't happy (hates to have clothes on but shivers to death in the cold) that was an easy knit and I used my FG knitting board and some Red Hart baby yarn in pastels and I knitted a baby hat to go with the baby blanket. I think I've been pretty productive this weekend althought I think I need to pace myself would want this to become an addiction. That's an understatement LOL. ;0)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Baby Blanket Finished

I finished the baby blanket I was working on, I think it turn out well. I did the rib and alternate rib stitch (at least this is what I think it's called) honestly these stitch names. To me the stitch was K2P2 for four rows then switch P2K2 wrapping the board in ewraps. I'm writing the pattern with the stitch description and will post it this week.