Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy belated Thankgiving!! I again was on hiatus from my PC for the weekend, plus with three teenagers in the house who could even get close to the monitor. (You guys are wretched computer hogs, you know who you are!!) Well, since I'm back at work I can hog my computer here all day, actually I probably couldn't give it away if I tried (ha ha) mine all mine!!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, I know we did, had ham with all the fixings yum!! Got our Christmas tree up the same day. Since these are the last holidays before the kids go to college, we trying to enjoy them as much as possible.
Friday, which is shop till you drop day, I spent the day painting my bathroom since we're getting the house ready to sell there are odds and ends (isn't that always the case, odds and ends that never end) needing to get done so Friday was a good day for that, (God only knows I was not about the venture out and fight traffic, crabby shoppers and annoyed sales people )now I have to do the other bathroom, wish I had another four days off to complete it, maybe this weekend I'll get to that. Crafting --- humm let me think---- no nothing there not even one stitch or weave, depressing isn't it.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Well, nothing like a few hours to yourself to finish a project up!! ;oD, I did it and concentrated - now I can watch TV, talk and knit all at the same time (imagine that, such talent). Well at least I mastered the knit stitch which is a really tight stitch and looks great. Thanks, Islea for the video it help out alot. Yes, the walls in my kitchen are really that color, it's called pumpkin pie, kind of appropriate for this time of the year.

I've always have gotten comments on the wall colors I have painted the house over the years, I had a pale yellow for 2 years, with one accent wall in opera red, really nice it was a stand out. This year I decided I wanted to go with greens, they seem to suit my mood lately, why I dunno it just does. I painted the walls in the interior common areas in three shades of green with my accent wall being the darkest sage I could find. I did stripes on one of entry way walls (picture on the left) and everyone that walks in always says the same thing OHHHH I love that I could never do color that way. (I don't know if they really like or they're just being polite) Which got me to thinking since when are people so scared of color?? I seen pictures of homes through the decades (with some really interesting color, wall paper, texture etc..) and lately all I ever see the the safest color combos of beige, not that it's a bad color but jeesh, just vanilla?? Even when I see it done in a decorator's mag I always think "this is missing something" and mind you my mom's house was white walls for as long as I can remember. But my houses, apartments and whatnot have always had color. I think it's such a great way to express your idividuality, even my kids have picked up on this, my daughter has midnight blue in her room with glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and the words "believe, love , dream and faith" stencil one on each wall in silver or gold acrylic paint. My son has race car blue in his with trophys of car shows my husband has won, and various diecast cars. All in all they did great when I gave them the "do whatever makes you happy, it's your room" thumbs up. Why do I bring this up cause I think that in crafting it's the same, some folks like vanilla, other are definate tutty fruit type, some are sorbets, and others are rocky road types. None are bad or good, I just think you should let your passion show through no matter what anyone else thinks, and color is a great mood gauge.

Well, I guess that's enough just my $0.02. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Comments, New Sweater and Wine Bottle Cover


Thank you all for the comments you sure know how to make a girl feel good. I am not trying to lure **wink wink - Denise** anyone to the tri loom but it sure it fun. Liz, the loom dresses itself with the warp and weft going at the same time if you'd like more info try yahoo groups Triloom, there's a bunch of great people there with a ton of knowledge. To the rest of my fans, I like to thank all the little people that make me fabulously famous and filthy rich without you ** Oh no!!!! sorry, that's from my 15 mins of fame speech for my academy award** ROFLOL.

New Sweater

I started a new sweater (picture above) cause I just can't seem to look at any of my bare naked looms screaming at me WHAT NO YARN!! ( heheheh). Plus, I always need something to work on at lunch and a 7' triloom just doesn't travel well. I knitted the sleeves on

the green KK and started the sweater on the lt blue KKII's I want to see if I can't knit it in the round with no seams, I just can't wait to figure out the arm holes and V-neck. ;o0

Wine Bottle Cover

Since Christmas is around the corner and I'm really not that busy *insert eyeroll here* I decided it would be nice to knit some wine bottle covers instead of going to the DOLLAR STORE and buying them, you know, that personal touch. Well let me tell you, I have been knitting this cover since TUESDAY mind you, nothing fancy, but I decided that I would try the knit stitch, which is the one that you place the yarn over the loop instead take your hook and pull it under take it off the peg and then put the new loop on....... instead of the ewrap stitch which now has a different name the twist/ ewrap/ knit stitch, but that's another topic altogether. This stitch is driving my nuts, I forget and so I purl and not knit and I knit and not purl where I need to, so needless to say I'm annoyed, cause it's not going fast enough to do as many as I need, I love the look of the stitch but since I need speed the rest will definately be done with ewrap and purl. I guess it didn't help that I was watching a movie last night either (hehehehehehehe). I'm not as multitask-ketted (new word) as I thought. Okay enough nonsense, later gator.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay I promised some photos and here they are of course the dates are off (duh) but oh well, they're posted. The first one is a close up of my grandma's shawl then a full shot of it on the tri loom, yes I know it's not a pretty shot of it up close but it's working out evenly once I pull it off the loom and wash it should be great. I debating the fringe, since I have the color changes I need to fringe the shawl, but I was thinking of spacing them every 20 nails and then tying them together with a macrame knot. I did this with the blue log cabin sampler and thought it turn out really nice. The other picture is of the famous sweater that I did on the KK purple loom used as a rake, and I finally found a zipper that fits (yes!!) So I'm knitting a cord on my four peg corder to sew around the edges of the entire sweater and collar.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Round KK's, Trilooms and stuff

Well, I've been knitting a sweater for myself on the green KK round for the sleeves and since I got the new KK longs I'm going to try to knit the body in the round on the lt blue one (I think that's the largest one, not sure) I'd like to try not to have to seam it anywhere but where the sleeves meet the armhole opening. I am using a Samba yarn from Big Lots I got for a $1.oo each in a maroone color with orange and yellow tufts, really gorgeous yarn much prettier than I described. Unfortunately they ran out and the last ball I got is a different color than the others, same dye lot and brand but noticeably different in shade. Oh well, so the sleeves will have samba in them and the body won't, no biggy just a forced creative decision (ha!! I knew I could turn that around in my favor). I'm doing 1 over 1 in Caron Simply Soft for the body and arms gives it an open weave effect I really like and since I'm in Florida my sweater don't need to be thick, yet another plus in my favor.

On the tri-loom I still have my grandma's shawl, it's taking longer than I though it would but since I only work on it in the evenings, I guess my progress is not so bad, plus running out of yarn in the middle is also a delay factor, but I got more now and today I plan on really making a dent in it. I'd like to try to finish it this weekend and get my ruana going, I'd like to take that with me on my trip to NC in December, I got over six weeks to weave two tri's and sew them together I think I can do it in time. I would love to do the log cabin pattern for it, but I don't really like fringe and I can't get around it with this technique so maybe two over two would be good I have some sport weight I could try out and see if it works for me. I'll put up some WIP pics for you all to see.