Monday, November 29, 2010

got some weaving going

I finally got to weave on my loon last night, can I tell you that it feels great, really I didn't realize just how much I miss sitting in front of the loom. I re-thread my reed with the same warp that was previously on the loom, seems like the never ending warp, but I'm determined to finish it into a scarf.

I wove this sample, and I like the way it looks, but there's an error. I think I need to go back and check my tie-up again. I think I hooked up a couple of harnesses where they should not be.

This draft is what I'm using, I'll figure it out tonight and hopefully get more woven than just a few inches.

1/1/1/2/1/2 Twill: Formular Collection, United States, Date 2002 (Ralph E. Griswold) Draft #8511

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day Trip

We took the kids and their SO down to Key West Saturday for some much needed fun and break. (left to right, me, Mr. Deepend, youngest son, eldest son's GF, eldest son, daughter and daughter's BF). We rented scooters to get around and that was a blast, four scooters all honking and riding around. The weather was wonderful and there were barely any tourist, considering its snowbird season, but since it was a week before Thanksgiving I guess most people had other plans,
which was a bonus for us. As we were leaving I found an orchid tree with one semi-bloom on it, the rest are still in pods, given the fact that it was 80*+ on Saturday and not a sign of any chilly weather coming our way I can only assume it will be in full bloom before Christmas. We have a tree here in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road, (south beach) it's beautiful when in bloom, I'll have to take my camera with me next time, see if I can get a close up.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hobby Room

This is my hobby room from the doorway with alot of boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and just stuff we had no clue where to store while the rest of the apartment took shape. You see that little spec in the right hand corner behind the wire rack? That my friends is my loom... sigh..... After a few hours of unpacking and unraveling my loom was freed from the mummification of the shrink wrap, hello baby!! The project on the loom, didn't make it intact. I cut off what I had this morning and will re-sley it this week sometime. I'm going to finish the scarf in a simple twill to get it off the loom. I'm in desperate need of some dishtowels and have 6/2 cotton in tan, red, and I think green and want to try some waffle weave patterns.
Mr. Deepend is going to hang my warping board on the wall, which will make it easier to work on, of course he marked the wall for his 6'1" height and forgot that I'm all of 5' 2", unless I want to use the 4.5" heels I have to warp, he needs to re-asses this height dilemma, I think he's under the impression that I might just grow some more. Little does he realize that as we age we tend to shrink, by the time I'm 70 (God willing) I'll be a munchkin. LOL..
This wire rack was a good investment, it's holding my knitting yarns, and some of the weaving cones, my sewing machine and some fabric.

In the closet I'm keeping my cotton small cones, extra knitting yarn in pull out plastic drawers, these are also handy storage units. In the deep corner of the closet, I stored the wool yarn sorted out by color in each bin. I need to spend some time and catalog the yarn just to figure out what I really have and what can be done with it.

I still need to set up the book case and rearrange some things, but I think it's looking pretty decent. At least I can start weaving some this week, I really can't wait to sit at my loom and throw the shuttles.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Knitting Project and Unpackin'

I started a new knitting project I want to have it ready to wear for Thanksgiving, maybe.... It's a shortsleeved vest. I got the idea from this catalog ad, didn't like the material or the fact that it was plain but did like the concept. My DD says that for this season all the fashion mags are using some sort of knitted vest, duster, etc... I figured it looks really good and it's practical for days that it's cool but not cold.
I ran my numbers caston and figured I could put in some cables for interest. I own the book Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman and found a center cable panel that fit into the number of stitches I had available. I'm loving the pattern and the way it's all coming together.

In other news; I've had a few of you ask me when I'm releasing the loom from its' shrink wrap tomb, well that event is taking place on Friday and Saturday this week. The rest of the apartment is pretty much set up and we can take a break from organizing and storing boxes in the attic and the endless hours of building furniture, how come new furniture comes in pieces and not already built? I needed a furniture building for dummys with some of these items (I'll take pics of the finished pieces so you can see).
I will take before and after shots of my hobby room , I can't call it a studio it's just too small but an improvement over the corner in the dining room I had before :) and see what you guys think. I'm debating about moving the computer armoire out of there and into the living room area, but that will take some convincing Mr. Deepend to move it. He threw his back out moving a heavy piece of furniture (my loom) that as he so dramatically put it "almosted killed me". It obviously didn't kill him but gave his back a good run for the money, he's feeling much better after a good two weeks of rest, but any mention of moving furniture and I get that look of weary terror.....

Monday, November 01, 2010

We are Officially Moved In...

We are moved in, although lot of things are still in boxes. Last nite we decided to do nothing more than some laundry, dinner and some TV watching. We (especially Mr. Deepend) are exhausted, I have muscles that I didn't even know existed that hurt and the ones I do know about are sore, same for the hubby. We set up the kitchen, bedroom and bath, but we are giving our bodies much needed rest for a few days before we start tackling the rest of the apartment. We will be making some trips to Goodwill soon to drop off things we are not going to need, I was right we didn't purge enough but that will be at a later date for now everything dedicated for donation is in the screened balcony and out of the way.

In the midst of all the running around and moving I was knitting to relax and keep some sense of sanity, I finished Baktus scarf it was a great little knit that went fast, my daughter would like one in some tones of grey, I have to go shopping in my stash and see what I have there for her to choose and make sure she like before I start knitting it.