Thursday, September 23, 2010

An FO Really!

I've been knitting on my lunch break and decided to tackle a few WIP's that I've had hibernating for a while, a really long while actually (started this one in March six months ago!). I finally finished Mr. GreenJeans and was really happy with the pattern. Although I cast on for a medium it still turned out a bit large size especially in the shoulder area. I like the feel of the yarn which is Lion Brand Wool Ease and have extra skeins to make a smaller cardi that I will modify some. This one I plan on giving to my mom for her birthday this year, I know she will just love it and it will fit her perfectly, I guess I was knitting for her all along and the yarn just knew who it was going to hug for winter.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Tired

I'm so tired today, really, it's only Monday and I'm exhausted. We had the appraisers come by the house on Saturday. My DD moved out Friday, I cleaned up the last of the contents of her room, have lots of knick knacks for the moving sale (move to clear out soon) and spent Sunday with friends. My weekend was non-stop and not helping matters I'm stuffed up again. A few years back, for those of you that are fresh to the blog, I had polyups in my nasal cavity, after surgery and removal of 10 I was good to go. Well did you know they have a tendency to come back? How annoying is that? Well I need to schedule with the ENT undoubtedly will need surgery again for now I'm on Zyrtec, Astilin and Nasonex and still can't breathe. My hubby says that why I'm tired because I'm not breathing correctly, I on the other hand know that it's a combination of that and too much activity. I need a weekend to just not do anything and be really lazy. I need to spend some time with my loom, I'm having separation anxiety LOL..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wee Bit of a Scarf

I've been working on the 1st scarf, um.... I think it looks like the pattern maybe. I'm not sure I still don't see it, but I'm going ahead with it, weaving 14" so far. I've had a broken warp and one of the floaters break but nothing major and for that I'm thankful. Since I slayed two picks per dent my scarf has shrunk in width considerably, to a mere 5". I figured I can still weave it off, wash it and dry it and see if it can be used as a skinny fashion scarf. My selvages on the left are good but the right is still giving me some trouble, I thought it would be different since I'm right handed but it seems that I'm over cautious when I throw the shuttle from the right side creating little loops. I also noticed that when I'm concentrating on my feet the shuttle movements seem to go better. I'm beating with both left and right hand dependent on which hand is catching. I read somewhere that you need to be able to work both hands and feet with the same motions, it takes some getting use to but I figure by the time I finish this warp, I'll have some of that worked out.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


This is the yarn I'm using for the scarves both warp and weft, the reed is 15 dpi. If I did the math correctly, will need to to sley two threads per dent in order to get the correct sett for the pattern. I'll re-sley the reed tonight, try the pattern again and see how it works out.
Page 166 Figure4: Orimono soshiki hen [Textile System] Yoshida, Kiju, Japan ca 1903
Draft # 41846
8H 8T
I never truly understood why weaver's sampled before they started a project. Since I had the RH and as long as the yarn fit in the holes of the heddles we were good to go, hence it's such an easy way to weave, not much in the form of calculating as long as you bought the right yarn for the right reed and projet, no much thought would go into it. But now I know why it is important and keeping a weaving journal is a good reference. I know I sound a bit flustered and totally out of my element (this has to be drivel to a lot of the more experienced weavers), but I also realize every weaver started here, sounded the same, asked the same questions, had the same frustrations etc... Like anything else once you learn the how to, in/out you stop sounding like a total twit and can maybe contribute something to another weaver.
I am enjoying the process of learning and figuring out what I'm doing wrong and how to correct it(with extensive help from blog friends). I'm fascinated by all the nuances, techniques and effort that goes into producing fabric, I hope I never loose the excitement of that.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Warped, Threaded and Weaving

I put a new warp on the warping board, if I think I counted right this is 8 yds (?) still getting use to figuring that out. I used my dining room chairs to hold up the warping board, I was able to stand and get this done in about 2 hours. I didn't use the warping paddle since I was only using one cone of yarn seemed like over-kill. I chained the warp up as instructed in the DVD Theresa sent me (loved it was really easy to understand, I can't thank you enough)
Nice and smooth just an easy warping process this time, I got a few snags but nothing that wasn't settled with a quick tug of the warp.

The bobbins were wound with my new Louet bobbin winder, love that thing, works like a dream did these in no time flat, although I still need to get the hang of not creating peaks and valleys as I wind, but practice will take care of that.
Then the change came about, I talked myself out of the 10 harness pattern, I figured it might be too much too soon (actually I chickened out before I started the warp on the board). I search my files and found this pattern and thought it was simple enough with some interesting tie ups and a pretty pattern in 8 shaft.

I started sampling, it doesn't really look like the draft (bottom portion of weaving). I checked the tie ups and the heddle threading, it was all correct. I thought maybe I should beat the life out of it, so I whacked it into place, still not doesn't look like the draft (center tighter portion). I then started a much lighter beat, tap, tap and still I don't see it (top loose portion). Do you guys see it? Even when I squint, which is usually when I see the patterns in weaving, not here, not on this one.

Any suggestions? What should I be looking for?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Think Pink Raffle

This year more than any other I have been touched by Breast Cancer. If you have been following my blog you know my mother is in the mist of her battle with this horrible disease. My mom is commencing chemotherapy next week, with 3 more rounds 1 every month. She will also need radiation and medication. Although her cancer was removed and none was found in her glands, it was diagnosed as an aggressive cancer and the need for all the actions are a precaution for the future. I thank those of you that have sent prayers, good thoughts and karma our way, we appreciate it.

I encourage you to go to Nancy's blog at Basketmaster Weavings she is holding a Think Pink Raffle with beautiful items donated by a creative artisans. Please consider buying some raffle tickets not only for the chance to win the prize but with the knowledge that every dollar we donate may help a save a life.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The End of the Rosepath (for now)

I have been weaving steadily about 2 hours a night, 3 t0 4 nights a week. I've had broken warp threads, stuck harnesses, mistakes, unweaving, reweaving, cutting off and re-tieing. I have finished the Rosepath runner, well pieces of a runner, and it was a good experience, I figured out my feet and at one point had some type of rhythm working. Much to my dismay, I can't weave and pay attention to much else, I get confused and can't get back to what I was doing, yes Mr. Deepend has been warned to leave me at my loom without so much as a whisper to distract me.

Thanks to Theresa @ Camp Runamuck, I have viewed and taken notes on a wonderful dvd that explains warping. Let see if that can happen this time with more ease, you guys have promised that it does get easier every time I do it so I'm holding you to your word. LOL..

On our outing Saturday night my SIL who is a damn great interior designer hobbyist (Financial Guru by day) clued me into the fact that last winter was really cold here by Florida standards(yes it really was 30's and 40' are not normal some of your are chuckling I know). She bought a scarf to cover her neck, because she asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to the cold. She purchased only one and then figured she needed a few more to compliment her outfits for work but when she went back to Macy's, Dillards and Nordstrom they were sold out (yes she has expensive taste compared to my Penny's is the best place for clothes mind), so she thinks there's a niche for scarves in Florida, trust me I tried not to laugh out loud since you know Etsy is full of beautiful scarves should she have asked me then, but I do love her and think she a great lady, she's just not clued into the handmade movement yet, she'll come around. I figured she was eluding to needing another one for this winter, hence her Christmas present will be just that. I can't believe I'm already think Christmas presents.... that is so not right.

This is the draft I think I want to make for her scarf. It's simple yet challenging as it has all 10 harnesses working although I wish it were 8 only but I'm game to try it, I mean really how bad can it be? I really like the design plus I can tie up a few different variation to weave an extra scarf (that still tickles me pink that I can thread it once and just tie up differently to get different results, I love that, it just genius). I have the charcoal grey and tan Orlon yarns, that she can wash and dry without much fuss and with her being asthmatic, I don't want to give her any animal fiber just in case.

I found this draft on
Title: A German Weaver's Pattern Book, 1784 - 1810
Author: Christian Morath, Joseph Murllman, and others
Date: 1784-1810
Description: A complete set of exquisite "Hin und Wieder" drafts from the pattern book of Christian Morath, Joseph Murllman, and others. Reprinted in June, 1961 by Nellie L. Galvin.

I will measure out my warp this weekend and hopefully get it on the loom by Monday.