Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yes, I'm still here

The few that are still in tune with my blog, and I stress few, have asked WHHHHAAAATTSSSS UUUUPPPP!, or better yet did you fall off the planet? No I'm here, but have had some issues this past month. I dealt and am still dealing with a kidney infection that seems to be oblivious to antibiotic, I'm on my fourth script, really enough already. Then I hurt my left hand pulled a tendon bruised my thumb, you know, you think that digit it really not necessary but I'll tell you, try to open any child proof cap for the 15th time and your other digits hurt just for trying. Needless to say I was not much for weaving, knitting I could do but not much.

Since I've recovered, I have been toying with warping my loom, which has been nekkid for FOUR, yeah I checked (4) months **sigh** such horror. I will have some warp and some weft hopefully on by the weekend and ready to put out some work.