Monday, January 12, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

Saturday when I went to the mail box I found this: Of course I got excited! Yay! mail from way down under and there were these most interesting brochures, about Potters, an Art Guide and a Wine Guide. The latter took me by surprise, wine, who knew, now I would like to sample some and pronto can we all say WINE TOUR! Of course the hubster asked how long a plane ride are we talking about, since he's afraid of flying, me thinks 24 hrs or so on a plane is not in his near future. But the wine tour may convince him otherwise. LOL
Although I loved the brochures my favorite piece was still inside the bag! This gorgeous tea towel, is it not the the cutest tea towel you've seen? I thought is was, even the hubby made a comment about it coming from a master weaver. (Poor thing he's only been exposed to my futile attempts so, this piece of art was eye opening for him). There was a little argument on why we couldn't use it, so I compromised and told him we wouldn't, it was just a display towel.

This is it's permantent home and everyone knows not to use it. And who was my surprise gift from? Meg you must visit her blog it's always inspiring and her gallery is full of wonderful handwoven pieces of art. Thank you Meg, we send hugs!


Susan B. said...

I enjoyed this post because I can relate to it! I got one of Meg's dishtowels too and don't want to use it. But she says I should.
Don't you just love this virtual world of weavers!


I sure do, I could survive without my virtual weavers, because I don't know any personal ones, not one lives close to me. ;o)

Meg in Nelson said...

Hey, that was one long overdue thanks for the lovely Tawashi I started using even without photographing!!

And do use them - they get nicer as you use them, wash them, and dry them in the drier for softer results!

Oh, and wine? It's all over these tiny islands!!! You could literally travel from the top of the North Island to almost the bottom of the South Island visiting wineries and vineyards.