Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Knitting Project and Unpackin'

I started a new knitting project I want to have it ready to wear for Thanksgiving, maybe.... It's a shortsleeved vest. I got the idea from this catalog ad, didn't like the material or the fact that it was plain but did like the concept. My DD says that for this season all the fashion mags are using some sort of knitted vest, duster, etc... I figured it looks really good and it's practical for days that it's cool but not cold.
I ran my numbers caston and figured I could put in some cables for interest. I own the book Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman and found a center cable panel that fit into the number of stitches I had available. I'm loving the pattern and the way it's all coming together.

In other news; I've had a few of you ask me when I'm releasing the loom from its' shrink wrap tomb, well that event is taking place on Friday and Saturday this week. The rest of the apartment is pretty much set up and we can take a break from organizing and storing boxes in the attic and the endless hours of building furniture, how come new furniture comes in pieces and not already built? I needed a furniture building for dummys with some of these items (I'll take pics of the finished pieces so you can see).
I will take before and after shots of my hobby room , I can't call it a studio it's just too small but an improvement over the corner in the dining room I had before :) and see what you guys think. I'm debating about moving the computer armoire out of there and into the living room area, but that will take some convincing Mr. Deepend to move it. He threw his back out moving a heavy piece of furniture (my loom) that as he so dramatically put it "almosted killed me". It obviously didn't kill him but gave his back a good run for the money, he's feeling much better after a good two weeks of rest, but any mention of moving furniture and I get that look of weary terror.....


Theresa said...

Oh, don't I know that look of terror! I regularly move furniture about, sell old, buy new(er) stuff. Drives my DH nuts!
The vest looks lovely. That's a beautiful set of cables!
And they are so in style right now. Such a practical item too for the wardrobe for once. What yarn are you using? It's quite pretty. Glad to hear the loom will be breaking free from it's bondage! :)

Delighted Hands said...

What a pretty knit-it is going to be lovely! Glad you are settling in well!

Anonymous said...

Ah, poor Mr D... Mr B would sympathise, but I try not to let him hear such stories!

Spinning Out of Control said...

The cable sweater looks cool!