Friday, April 15, 2011

Welaka, Fl

Wonderfully relaxing getaway.


Pandula Arts Creations said...

You are so luck! I am assuming this is the St. Johns River? My folks, who are now deceased, used to keep a camper there and we loved going. My daughter has very fond memories of "Weeelatka" mommie!

I miss FL so bad. Thank you for taking me home for my coffee this morning.

Delighted Hands said...

Hey, you are in my neighborhood! Welaka is only 15-20 mins away! We sometimes launch the boat there, it is a nice little community!

Leigh said...

Beautiful photos! Better than postcards.

Theresa said...

Oh that does look relaxing! How fun. The Spanish Moss is amazing in that one photo

Nancy said...

Hi Bety,
I am so behind on blog reading and I have a chance to catch up a bit. Your vacation looks heavenly. I need one right now. Your cooking looks great and you can come to my house and use my stove any time you want! Love your woven scarf. Lady, you do the most beautiful work. I've been sewing quite a bit and doing some machine embroidery. How is your mom doing? My dad just had his first chemo. Not sure yet how many sessions he will have. He has felt sooo bad after this one and it is sure discouraging for him and mom. Mom went through her chemo several years ago without too many side effects. Hope you are healthy and that you are enjoying your spring.