Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 23, 2006

Knitted Burp Cloth & Woven Baby Blankie

WOW!! It's been two weeks since I posted anything----scary!!! I've been really busy and kinda gloomy lately. So I guess that's been the culprit... I started knitting a baby burp cloth for my stepsons' (yeah I have two) auntie, her first , poor thing she so excited. I also want to knit a baby hat and I'll weave a blanket this way I get to use all my looms and talent LOL.

I'm also almost finished with the sweater I started on the Purple KK loom about 2 months ago not too bad since I only loom this on my lunch break and sometimes on weekends. I have 3/4 of the the second sleeve to go and then I can stitch it together I used the loom as a rake and had some fun figuring out how to get things done, although I cheated on the sleeves I used the loom as a circular loom and made them without any seams, but hey, I'm the designer so I get to do as I like, this is what I love about the looms, the creative process. I still need to figure out a collar and some pockets for it. I can't have any sweaters without pockets, it just wouldn't help if my hands got cold, never understood why they made any sweaters without pockets. (one of the many things floating in my head, believe me there's alot of room up there for things to float around). Well I guess that's it for now..

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