Tuesday, October 24, 2006


IT'S DONE!!!!! YES!!!!! **HAPPY HAPPY DANCE** I finally finished my 7' tri-loom. Last night when I got home from work, I looked at the pieces and thought I need to get this done, not that I hadn't done that before, but last night I finally did something about it. I've been watching alot of TV which for me is detrimental, since I'm a serious TV buff, I get sucked in really quickly. I can win a TV trivia game in no time flat, I guess I can store alot of useless information in my brain.. But I digress, I started hammering and hammering and hammering until I got all 500 + nails into the red oak pieces that were cut for me by some really nice guys at work. That wood was hard to nail!! After I reassembled all the pieces I took it into my bedroom (as if anything else can really fit in there, I need some of my kids to move out so I can take a bedroom for a craft room, hehehe) and hung it on the wall with some hooks that were holding a tapestry wall hanging. I must admit it's not the prettiest loom ever, but it is finished and it's mine, all mine!! I was so excited and exhausted, but I managed to start weaving on it. For my first big shawl I'm weaving my grandma, who is 94 a red and white striped prayer shawl. She's getting forgetful, older, crankier, achey and chilly all the time, I figured since she made me so many crocheted items I still cherish, I can't think of a better way to thank her than with something I made especially for her as a Christmas gift, since God has blessed me with allowing her to stay on earth for so many years. She'll love it!! I'll take some photos tonight to post.

Well I got up this morning for work and the temp was 57 degrees, I know by anyone else's standards that's not cool but for Miami, Fl. it definately is.. I pulled out my Entenmann's sweater, I worked for them ten years ago so this sweater is an oldy but it's held up great (wish I would have gotten two at the time) which always goes to work with me when it's cool. When I got into my car I actually had to turn the thermostat up to 78. Okay don't laugh but I'm use to getting in the car and having to turn it down to 60 since it's about 82 degrees when I walk out of the house. This only adds to my excitment of leaving on vacation to NC for December, can't wait, can't wait.. we're going to meet with the realtor and take a look around. I feel like a kid at Christmas time, whose wished for something real special.

Our contract with the realtor here in Miami will be expired in the middle of November and we're going to try to sell the house ourselves. The market is not really great right now, I guess we should have sold about a year and half ago, it was crazy then, but it's cooled off some now. I don't really care though because I figure if we sell by May of 2007, when the kids graduate high school we still be in good shape to start our 5 yr plan. We bought the house from the owners without a realtor and it really was not a difficult transaction, so I think we can sell it the same way. God will guide us through it, as He did when we bought it.. so eventually it really is in His hands.

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