Friday, June 08, 2007


I got a new camera a Canon Power Shot A560 and am learning to use it. I was a photography minor in college, you think I could pick up a digital camera and take great pics NOT, these things have gotten complicated, I long for my Nikon SLR 35mm. whaaaa!! I bought the camera right before the kids' graduations, read enough to set it up and take some pics, not all the pics I would have taken with the 35mm because there is always a delay with a digital that I don't have with a film camera, so I missed a few pics I would have liked to have, but I'll get better ( I hope).

The next pics are an update to the baby blanket I've been working on. I have the first panel completed and I started on the new panel. I took a close up, somewhat blurry, I guess I need to play with the ISO, the other pics were on auto.

I also ordered and got the little flower loom and the double sided corder from Knifty Knitters **happy dance** now I can make baby booties to go with the burp bib, hat and blanket. OMG, I need to really start concentrating on these since the baby is due late August.

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