Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Since my last post on the ruana, I thought I would finish that weekend, well that didn't happen. Instead we met with the realtor and started moving some things that the realtor thought were "too personal to show at open house" that meant most of my craft items. Since my looms, yarns, and fiber fun stuff is "too personal" I move all of it including lots of boxes, family pictures to my office, we have more room than we have office personnel to fill it and my boss was nice enough to let me have an office to put up my storage. I had one of the guys put up my loom in the lunch room and now instead of knitting on my board, I'm weaving on my loom. At my current pace I "will" be done with the first panel by Friday and hopefully taken off the loom by Monday or Tuesday, I get 45 mins of uninterrupted weaving time which is bliss, apart from the various questions from my co-workers although I have fun explaining what I'm doing and what I'm creating.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it is instructive and entertaining.
It is so fun to dabble in everything that concerns using string, thread, or yarn. Like you I find it hard to stick to one fiber skill.
Thanks for sharing
Barb Herdman