Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Babies, Babies and more Babies

It seems that everyone at work is pregnant, four in one year is definitely a record especially since we are a company of maybe 40 employees. Our friend in South Carolina, we found out on our visit, his wife is also preggos. So needless to say I'm weaving baby blankets, crib blankets and maybe a burp cloth or two, although I don't need to rush, no one is due until early March thru late April, I do want to finish them and have them out of the way. So I have pics of the first of two baby girl crib blankets. This one was "suppose"to be a log cabin pattern, but since I can't read a draft to save my life, which really isn't any different than not being able to to read a knitting pattern LOL. didn't set up my warp correctly, so I have this instead. I like it, although it was a bear to warp. Since I learned how to warp through the Ashford book and don't own a warping board, not that I would know what to do with one if I did, it was difficult doing the one skein thing with one strand of each color. Since I'm not easily deterred by challenges this was no different, I continued warping and started weaving. On the weft I'm doing the same thing two passes of each color without breaking the yarn. It's a slow process with two shuttles but I have managed to get a good amount done.
I have since found a draft that has oodles of explanations and pictures for the log cabin weave structure and as soon as this one is done, bagged and tagged, I will set out to do the next one as intended.
Again I'm using Red Hart in Rose and Dusty Rose, this is still, yarn from the estate I inherited two years ago, and since it's for babies, wash, dry and wear is the easiest on Mommy.

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curiousweaver said...

I've never woven a baby blanket but would really like to for gifts. I was interested that you used Red Hart, which I assume is an acrylic? Good for easy maintenance and lots of use. They look great - a treasure of a gift.