Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Wow, I'm tired, I had hubby's family of 20 for dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day we spent it with my family at my mom's (there were 35 of us there). I love everyone, but wow am I spent, lots of talking and catching up, lots to eat and drink, I think I was on a sugar high for 3 hours, tons of sweets (definitely not hip, tummy or butt friendly stuff). There was cooking, cleaning, hosting and mostly headache pill dispensing. But, ahhh time with loved ones to laugh, reminisce, joke, play, dance and share the joy of the season with. I just wish I could have stayed home today instead of working, but the yarn money has to come from somewhere. Oh and you know during this weekend I even squeezed in some weaving time, that baby crib blanket is off the loom and waiting for fringe or edging I haven't decided, and none to soon, my SIL just called and my niece is well "PREGNANT"!! I keep saying it, there is something in the water.

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Leigh said...

Glad to hear your holiday was a good one, even if it wore the heck out of you!