Thursday, June 12, 2008


Welcome, we are so excited that you have joined us. We are Weavers and Fiber Artists from around the world in various stages of weaving experiences, we hope you enjoy the exhibition, please feel free to post comments also be sure to follow the links below to other wonderful small scarf exhibits.

Autumn and Winter
Cotton Chenille in Plain Weave

This scarf was inspired by my trips to North Carolina, reminding me of the many log cabins, and well worn men's flannel shirts.

Spring and Summer
Cotton, Rayon and Acrylic
In Leno Lace and Plain Weave

The inspiration for this scarf is of an early morning in the sand as you look up at the sky it's still pink and cream from the night drifting away.

Here are the promised links:
Crystal, "Baby-Hugs", PA, USA
Terri Bibby, "Weaving a Life", Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
The Big Gallery


Meg in Nelson said...

I applaud your patience with the hand-manipulated technique. You inspired me to try to do some of that, except my RH has been loaned to a new weaver, who started to learn to weave this past Wednesday!! So maybe when she's finished with it.

Colorwise, I do love your autumn one; you'd look great in that in Nelson right now.

Thank you very much for your support, enthusiasm and friendship.

Meg in Nelson said...

PS. Hubby loves the care you took in displaying your scarves. I particularly like the pine cones.

RiverCitySTL said...

Beautiful work! One of these days, I really need to get back to weaving on my RH. You inspire me!


Thanks, guys, I agonized over those photos because I took a dozen it was hard to narrow it down but the hubby made the final choice so those were it.

Meg this has been a great experience I think we should do it again. *grin*

saoriweaver said...

Your scarves look great and very inspired by nature - great photos of them. Nice to be part of an exhibit with you!

Jhianna said...

You did those on a rigid heddle? There goes my last excuse...

They're both gorgeous, but I really love the colors in the autumn and winter chenille scarf.

Leigh said...

What wonderful interpretations of your inspirations! Very well done indeed. And your agonizing over the photos paid off, you chose well.

elsa eriika said...

These look very nice!