Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bare Loom No More

I decided to warp my loom, it's been sitting in the corner of the dining room nekkid, not a good state for such a great piece of equipment begging to be used. So I rummaged, collected and looked through various weaving books, websites, basically weaving eye candy. I downloaded some charts from and found the weaving draft below, if I could purchase this book I would in a heartbeat since it's all in 2 shafts, but haven't had any luck locating a copy. I like the effect on paper, I'll have to see how it translates to fabric. I'm going to use the Copper Brown Berroco Naturlin and some 3ply cotton in Bridal White, which really is a cream color and weave a table runner for my entry hall. I have to get my books out and figure how to do the lifts in order to get the right results. And yes, I will be doing some samples on this one in the beginning.

Page 169, Figure 8: Orimono Soshiki Hen [Textile System], Yoshida, Kiju
Title: Orimono Soshiki Hen [Textile System]
Author: Yoshida, Kiju
Date: 1903
Description: Japanese Weaving Book
Drafts: 818


Peg in South Carolina said...

I don't see a problem with figuring out the lifts. First you do three lifts with shaft 2, then 3 lifts with shaft 1 and repeat. The trick will be to remember where you are because you are alternating colors at the same time. Kind of like rubbing your you tummy and patting your head the same time. And I agree, this looks really interesting. Good draft for a rigid heddle loom.


Thanks Peg, but I have issues so I improvising the pattern to see if I can deal with the ends.