Monday, October 27, 2008

Storage Solutions

I finished my Stash Buster Afghan and have posted it over at the knitting blog and after that endeavor I was left with a ton of small skeins and extra skeins and yarn and more yarn and a MESS. For those of you, who've been reading this blog for a while know that I don't function creatively in chaos, some people thrive in it, I just don't. It drives me insane and according to the rest of my clan makes me a tad bit snippy. So what's a girl to do? Well since I bought myself of yarn winder I figured I can cake a lot of this stuff and then assess the damage, I did, spent 8 hours caking yarn, that is EIGHT hours mind you.

After caking and a cramp in my forearm, I needed to figure out how and where to put my supplies, the house is growing ever so small since my son moved back in and I lost my craft room. I work in the dining room and have a corner in the living room that I was storing my yarn but the storage containers I was using were just not working. Every time I went looking for something I needed to dig, not efficient and definitely a creative mojo cramper.
I went shopping for a storage solution that would work for me. I bought two containers that have pull out drawers and started stacking yarn in them once I ran outta room I kept some in the zipper bags that you get when you buy bedsheets, or thermal blankets. I was so happy with this arrangement, I also have a huge bag of yarn and some needles to donate to one of the ladies at knit nite, she wants to give classes to kids in her gated community and needs donations, which I am more than happy to help her with.


Meg in Nelson said...

Stash Buster sounds heaps nicer than Stash Reduction - but whatever you call it, I've got to do that, too...

An experienced weaver friend told me to weave no-brainer blankets and knee rugs and give them to charity, which may be what I'll do over the summer. I can't even get into my stash room today!


I promised my hubby not to buy any new yarn until I'm done with what I have in stock. It's a sad statement but a necessary one.