Thursday, July 02, 2009

Scarf Weaving & other Tidbits

It's been so long since I've posted or woven anything that this feels a bit strange. Mr. Deepend and I started a business just about the time I stopped posting to this blog it's been really busy, stressful and exciting, but there hasn't been any time left over for my weaving, which I truly miss. I've been knitting quite a bit and if you follow my other blog you know I've mastered socks. LOL..

We have wound down for the summer (YES!!) and I am finding that I have some spare moments to weave. I'm rusty and have forgotten some more complex structures with my pick up sticks and whatnot, but it's like riding a bike after so months, it just seems to come back and you get your balance. I started a simple scarf with some stash yarn and Patons Bohemian Chenille, it's soft and super duper fuzzy, really cute stuff.

I warped my loom albeit only 84 warp threads in 1 hour and was weaving in less than 2, I'd say not bad, for a kid whose loom has sat in the corner of the dining room for about 6 months or more. I patted my own back and really got excited to start working again. I have quite a few other project in my creative mind and will be working on them diligently especially since my kids prompted me to open a 1000markets shop, yes I didn't go to Esty although I know it's every ones choice, but I really like 1k markets and it should grow at my pace and give me time to catch up with my loom.


Leigh said...

Congratulations on your new business. That's an exciting venture. I wish you all success.

The weaving looks good! I hope it's a refreshing break for you.


Thanks, it does feel great to be sitting at the loom again, I didn't realize how much I missed it.