Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midnight Train to Georgia

I stared at my yarn stash and couldn't figure out what to do next with all that's in my head lately I draw blanks on my creativity and always have the fear that I've run dry that my creative mojo has just packed it's bags and left. But a trip to the stash closet, in which I get to look, touch and sometimes even smell yarn and that feeling gets cured in a nano second (thank God, I'd be so disappointed if I ran out of creative juice). As I stood there and looked at the yarn it hit me, I told myself to pick up all the yarn I had in the blue color palette, every skein, didn't matter what the yarn content was, or if it was the right shade of blue or if it been in there for a while, don't think just grab. I then decided to just weave and not give any thought to composition, symmetry, yarn weight, texture with the only requirement or better yet restriction, is color coordination.

I started on this shawl, which I called Midnight then I got Gladys Knight and The Pips, stuck in my head since I started weaving it "He's leaving,On that midnight train to Georgia, And he's goin' back To a simpler place and time. And I'll be with him On that midnight train to Georgia" but I digress. I have a lot of different yarn textures and weight with this one and I like the look and feel of it so far, my only concern is that the boulce is sticky as heck and the weaving has to be careful and deliberate each pass is slow and mindful. I love the fact that I didn't think, when I was warping I just picked up this yarn or that yarn and put it on the loom I didn't make any discerning choices, no thought to which weight would go with what next to each other, just GO, GO, GO... it was difficult to do especially when I normally really put some thought into what the final product will look like. I usually picture it in my mind what the feel, texture, color and look of the final weaving will be, but this exercise was liberating. I think I may be doing much more of this "throwing caution to the wind weaving" I REALLY LOVE IT!

Fringing this one will be a fun challenge!


Delighted Hands said...

oh, you are onto something good with this one!

Leigh said...

Lovely! Maybe serendipity is your key to keeping the creative juices flowing. :)