Monday, August 03, 2009


For a while, I've had problems with my separator material, I use banners that my company makes and customers never pick up. I've been gifted what seems miles of this fabulous material and have cut lengths to fit my loom. The issue is not the material itself but what happens when I advance my warp. The banner material falls behind my loom, on to the floor,under my chair basically all over the place. It's messy and cumbersome when I need to move my loom out of the way and when I'm working. I took a trip to Walmart, yes I know, but really they had everything I needed and were the closest store to me at the time. I found these great hooks and the dowels I needed in the perfect size to fit my loom and they had them in stock. I screwed the hooks in place, this took some will power, because since this is my first loom I baby it. I'm always very careful, cautious I never bump into it with my chair, when I move it I pick it up and not drag it, you get the idea.
Hooks and dowels in placeI had my friend at work make me these end caps for the dowels they are 4" in diameter and were screwed to the dowel ends. Mr. Deepend did this I could trust myself with the 3/4" dowel a sharp wood screws and a tiny center hole. I didn't need a trip to the emergency room, so I let the finish carpenter of the house do those. ;o)

This is how it looks finished and tidy, now I advance the warp and I turn the separator dowel and suck up the banner material. It's such a simple thing but it really helps me out.
Another project I was working on was how to display scarves at the Art Fair I've been invited to in September. While shopping around I saw these curtain rod rings and thought I wish those came in really big sizes so I could display my scarves. I got back to work and spoke to the guys in the plastic department and they came up with this idea. ( I love those guys, so much talent)I tested it out and was thinking I could hang them on the side of the canopy and since they are clear it would almost look as if the scarves are floating around. I don't know if that's a good display, but we'll see how it works out.


Delighted Hands said...

What a clever idea to take care of the mess of unrolled banner (I use a roll of freezer paper and have the same misery) Will have to use your ingenuity to solve my own!
The scarves will look good displayed like that-hope it goes well!

Trisha said...

Great idea--very innovative. I am sure lots of people will be copying your solution!

Peg in South Carolina said...

How intriguing! I use warping sticks, and of course those fall to the floor, but I remember reading about someone who had designed a "collector" for them. But warping sticks are not as messy to pick up and gather together as paper is to get rolled back up correctly. That does drive me nuts when i use weaving guild looms.

Marlene said...

Fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Leigh said...

What a clever solution to your problem. Like Peg, I use warping sticks and I guess I'm just used to them falling out all over the place.