Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The piece with the notches does fit into the bar with the cutouts = foot rest. Thank you for letting me know it's suppose to be tight.

I've been cleaning heddles, bars and frames. The heddle still are white-ish, not shiny aluminum. but I guess I can live with that, it doesn't effect the yarn that I strung through to test them out.

So far I've clean three harnesses with 590 heddles some of the harness have more heddles than others, but I want to get through them all and then even out the numbers on each harness. I'm keeping and individual count on each harness and writing it on the bar with a white grease pencil so that I don't get confused or lose my notes.
This is as clean as I got the 15 reed, I strung some yarn through it and did a dental floss type of cleaning, I think that's about as clean as I can hope for.

I've placed my other looms on ebay and hope to sell them, once that happens I will order the missing pieces for the Macomber and she will be permanently placed inside the house. Then my friends we'll have our maiden warping session.


Delighted Hands said...

Great progress! Soon you will be weaving on her......this is going to be a fantastic trip!

Judy said...

You must be so jazzed thinking about all of the weaving that you will be doing on this great loom. Enjoy yourself!

Karen said...

Enjoying your progress on this loom, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you are weaving.