Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Mystery Parts and Answers

I called Macomber yesterday and spoke with a really great gentleman, he informed me the my loom was built July 1967, it's actually only two years younger than I am. I will need regular lamm hooks because the super hooks will not work. I have a list of items I need and when I get ready he told me to just give him a call.

This controls the lamms which are connected to these side bar which lift the harness with the levers at the top of the high castle. I took this pic from the back of the loom to get a good shot of the assembly. It's been cleaned up and oiled, I'm posting for Kimberly who had a question.

This is the crank that when I depress a corner foot pedal releases the back beam and a pic of the controls from the side of the loom. That rusty bolt, I'm assuming it's missing a piece so that I can manually turn the back beam to warp.

This is one of my mystery pieces this thing is on both sides of the front legs it goes back and has the little stoppers to keep it in position, I'm at a lost as to what this is for.

This other piece of wood is the same length of the interior of the loom and has notches on each side. I have no clue on this one either.

This is the back beam you can see were the strings were at one point and were cut off.

My rusty heddle bar that got a good wipe and rub with steel wool.

A close up of the heddles which are in great condition just a wipe and they clean up real nice.

And the final pics of of yarn because I'm also trying to figure out how I can clean it before using.

This is a cone of wool/mohair, and as you can see it's really dusty, How do I clean this or should I just skein off the first few layers and start there?

This is the true color without flash it's really a great looking deep blue.


NHWeaver said...

The black 2 notched mystery piece is to hold the footrest in 2 different positions. Check and see if the wood with the notch cut out slides in


I tried that but it got stuck and I had to force it off with a rubber mallet, unless of course it's suppose to be that tight and not intended to come off.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, you are getting it in shape-you are making progress! The yarn needs to be skeined and washed-you will be able to ascertain its strength better after it is washed.

bspinner said...

Looking good!!

Restless Knitter said...

The notched piece of wood is your footrest and it does set on the black pieces. The notch on the wood faces the floor, not to the front or back. Mine sits in there loosely and I can accidentally kick it out of the black pieces when I'm weaving. It might be a good thing if yours is tight.

Julie said...

How fun to have a loom the same age or close to you!

Benita said...

The cones of yarn... Can you vacuum them off?

Isn't it cool to know what year AND month it was made? Happy Birthday month Ms. Loom!

re'New said...

Thanks for stopping over at my site! I looked back a few posts on yours and now I"m so jealous.... A free loom???? I'm keeping my eyes open for another one for myself. Haven't found one yet, but I'm not giving up yet!