Monday, October 18, 2010

Yarn Storage

I picked up some more bins for storage, as I was standing in the wholesale cub dragging bins into my cart, I kept thinking I only need three cause I know I don't really have that much yarn considering what I've seen on the blogs and Ravelry. Mr. Deepend is also standing there looking at me going through the debate and says "you really don't realize how much you really have, take six bins, if we don't use them for yarn, we can use them for something else, but I KNOW it for the yarn only" I hate it when he is so smugly right. My DD wants to call the tv program Clean House, and my DS said I needed either Hoarders or an Intervention, I on the other hand think ummmm I need to shop for some more cotton... and thus the packing of the supplies is neatly in place, where I will store this at the apartment I don't know but what I can tell you is that Mr. Deepend didn't blink and eye and never complained, just teased, I guess he's a keeper after all. I need to catalog them so I can figure out what I really do have and start planning some project to use it up on.


Delighted Hands said...

This is why so many keep their stashes in lots of different places so the exact amount can't be measured! Glad your DH understands the priorities!

Spinning Out of Control said...

LOL!! Horders! No I don't think you're there yet ;)

Leigh said...

You're not hoarding, you're collecting. It's great that you have such an understanding DH!