Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long time no see!

It's been like an eternity since I've posted on the blog. I have lots to tell but not in the way of any weaving news

I've been seeing doctors and getting all kinds of pre-screening for the polyp surgery (2nd time around should be a charm no?) I've been clear and surgery is scheduled for December 23, after that hopefully I can breath again without any issues. According to my ENT the polyps that I get in my nasal cavity have nothing to do with allergies and more to do with my own body, ain't that fun.

I turned 45 on the 10th and got the news that my mom will need to undergo chemo after the radiation treatment which is now over. She will get a port before the end of the month and start 2011 with her first treatment the second week of January. She is in good spirits and has decided that she will beat it and stay strong through the process.

On a happier note, my DD graduated yesterday and we attended the commencement ceremony. I must say the speeches were dismal, all they stressed was becoming part of the alumni contribution list and how bad the job market is, but hey you got a diploma. Really it was so disappointing. But I was very happy my mom could attend and we had a good time even though we were also freezing with temps in the low 30's .

From left to right; my mom, me, dd and Mr. Deepend all bundled up!

And because all post must have some fiber, I'm still working on that scarf took a pic of it from the side as it shows the back in the alternate color I thought that was kind of cool. I'm planning on lots of weaving the last week of December since I will be off from work and on recovery/vacation.


Dianne Dudfield said...

Good luck with the surgery and keep that shuttle flying.

Delighted Hands said...

Hoping you will soar through the surgery! The weaving time will do you good after Christmas. Give you Mom a hug and my prayers will be with her.

Spinning Out of Control said...

Aw your daughter is adorable! My prayers will be with you and your mom. I'm sure you'll both do fine. Who's your ENT? I go to a pretty good guy over by Memorial West name Jassir.

Leigh said...

My goodness, a lot certainly has been going on in your life. Health issues are always a challenge and test of faith. So nice to have some good things in life too. Belated happy birthday to you and congratulations to your daughter.

Acorn to Oak said...

Best wishes for a quick and successful surgery! Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! And, best wishes to your mom for strength and great success with her chemo treatment.

Theresa said...

Good luck with the surgery and lots of prayers for your Mom. Congrats on the graduation too. Hopefully a good job is right around the corner for your DD!
Good to see you back and blogging for a bit!

Judy said...

I hope your surgery goes well, and you have a quick recovery. Sorry to hear about your Mom. She sounds like a brave woman!

30's where you are? Brrr, that must has felt cold for everyone.

Merry Christmas,