Thursday, December 02, 2010

On a roll

This is more like it, I found that the issue I was having wasn't due to a treadling error, but that the hook to the lamm kept coming off and dropping the 8th harness skipping a thread. I quickly learned to read the lift so that when it happened a second and third time I pick up on the error really quickly. The problem with it slipping out is that when I press some of the other pedals with a similar lift configuration that one particular pedal stays stuck up pushing the hook up with it and unhooking the lamm, it also doesn't help that there is a joint with the metal lift mechanism at this particular pedal level. I've since cleaned and oiled the pedal grooves and that seems to have resolved the issue.

I wove 18" of the scarf and am really liking the pattern and the rythm of the lift plan. It's simple and going quickly, just what I wanted and needed to finish this warp.


Judy said...

It looks like you are enjoying that great loom find!! Weaving scarves is so rewarding as you get to enjoy wearing it for years. Enjoy yourself!

Delighted Hands said...

So glad you solved the problem! Lookin' good.

Theresa said...

Good job problem solving! The scarf looks great.
Planning the next warp yet?

Benita said...

Sweet pattern. Glad you got your sticking harness fixed. Those can be so frustrating!!