Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sept. 27, 2006

I wanted to post two pics of a hat and scarf I did with velour yarn, the model is my daughter who decided to have some fun while I took the photo, so I promised her I'd use it anyway.

Ain't she cute!! God, I can't believe she going to be 18 in December, funny thing I never worry about my birthday which is in the same month but I always feel hers..... The second pic is a close up of the hat. I did the scarf on the Purple KK board and the hat on my DA small gauge adult hat loom. The only thing I didn't appreciate about this yarn is that it has no give really tight to knit.

I know I promised the sweater pic but I can't find the zipper you'd think a 24" beige parka zipper would be easy to find after all how many parka's do you actually think we use in Florida. But maybe that's the reason also, no demand.

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