Friday, December 15, 2006

Everyday grumblings

Well I made it through my b-day and am happy to report I didn't freak out at 41. I'm glad this week is over, what a bear.. There has been alot to do at work and with my vacation coming up it seem I'll never get enough done before I leave and we're getting new computers that week to boot and I just know that half the stuff I have will suddenly and inexplicably disappear, but I won't care because I will be on VACATION!!!!!
I been debating with myself of what to take with me to work on, since the sock loom incident, I have picked it up again and started knitting some, mind you, not often but some. I have the new KKII's and Marla Richard's Board Knitting Book that has some stitch patterns I've been wanting to try since I got the book in October. I guess between these two I can occupy my time if I get annoyed at the EFG sock loom then I can work on the KKII samples. I know it doesn't sound like much but I'm the designated GPS for the trip, since we priced some of those out and couldn't justify the purchase, I get the map and the directions so I can guide us to our destination (this really cuts out some of my knitting time in the car). I figure hubby can get us as far as Atlanta then I need to concentrate til Marble, NC that's a good 10 hours of knitting, sleeping and bathroom breaks.

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