Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sock Loom, Sweater and Shawl

I've neglected to update the blog, tis the season to be too busy to do anything. Although I love the Christmas season, I don't enjoy the the days lead up to it. I'm going to be 41 in 4 days and I'm not happy about it!! I saw this sign that read " I'm not 40 something I'm 39.95 plus shipping and handling!" that I can handle.

I finished the body portion of the sweater I was knitting on the KKII's blue loom, I thought it would be large enough for me, well once the stitches set in it turn out to be a ladies small, I'm a ladies large and if the bust area is tight then definately an X-large. Well I figured that my hubby's neice is that size, so guess what she's getting for Christmas?? I post a picture after I sew the arms on and convince my model I need to post it.

On the shawl, I know I read somewhere on my yahoo group that you could make a shawl in one day, to which I say HA! NA-AH. I've been working on g-ma's shawl for a few weeks and I have made progress, but really in a day someone has just have to be lighting speed, cause I would think maybe in a couple of days - 4 days at least to be realistic granted I only work a couple of hours at night, but the process is not that quick. I was trying to finish this one and get a ruana started for me and try to finish that b-4 Dec 25th, but I don't think so... We'll see how I do.

Sock loom, as if I didn't have enough misery, I got a sock loom and sock yarn. I started the sock, left the sock, yelled at the sock, threw sock and loom across the room, cried out to the Lord over the sock and finally put it in the store bag where I purchased the yarn and have left it there for DAYS!! as punishment for my aggravation. (You think the loom has had enough? LOLOLOL) The loom is beautiful, as all the looms I own from DA and I know that is not the problem, but the hook for this loom OMG I really really really don't like it, it has a nubby handle that is driving me to drink. I hold my hooks like pencils or chopsticks when I work, all the hooks , all the time, now this little sucker is toooooo fat to be held this way and so I can't knit with it. I took a KK hook and filed it to a fine point to see if that would help, well then the yarn started spliting, and this stuff fine yarn, then I worked and worked and worked and all I have is 1/2" of cuff to show for it. I just lost it... So if I don't get the hang of this sock loom, sock yarn I'll have no alternative than to ebay it.

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