Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knitting progess and some good news

In other news, I started working on some craft items. I've been knitting a sweater for over a year now the cable sweater, which I did the cables wrong and they look like braids, but I was not about to frog that monster.
Of course I notice after I finished the second panel. The top is the hoodie, and a close up of the cables. I finished one arm have started the second arm, I've been knitting this only at lunch time at work I using my 36" fine gauge knitting board that I got from (Marla Richards) this was one of my first boards and I've always loved working on it.

Sock loom, I have given up on that thing I will be posting it for sale on the yahoo groups sock loomers I can't handle the pegs are too small the knitting is too tight no matter what I do it doesn't seem to work out.

We will be going up to NC once again the week of Jan 22 - 26, since we were called back home in December the really great folks we rented from are crediting us the time we didn't spend at the cabin, only this time it will be just hubby and I. Truthfully I'm kind of glad because we will be able to relax and not have to do too much of any touristy thing, just be for a week, which at this point sounds like heaven to me. I know I will feel guilty for a bit, since my mom and kids can't come along, but the change of scenery will be great. Hopefully I'll have some pics for you to see.

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