Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad News, No Pics

Just to you all know that the vacation that my family and I were going to take didn't happen, well sort of. We drove to North Carolina on 12/26 arrived at 1:00 p.m. unpacked, did some groceries and were starting to settle in, when my cell phone went off and on the other line was my aunt. My grandma had a massive stroke and they weren't expecting her to survive the night. Well we re packed, threw out the food, slept the night and drove back to Florida. Got stuck in Atlanta for 2 1/2 hours, because of James Brown's Funeral, which we didn't know about until we got back. I took only one picture of the mountain the morning we left, but it's 35mm and not digital can't even share that with you guys. ;o(.

Grandma is still alive, in the hospital and trying to hang on. We are exhausted and worried, the doctor's have nothing good to say, so we are in a holding pattern, no being able to make any choices, we have a DNR and no tubation order, but all that can be done now is to wait.

Only God can make the decision now, I hope that He will call her home, some have said that was a cruel thing to say, but I know it's what she would have wanted, and quite frankly there will be no quality of life for her, my mom and aunt and my grandfather who is still alive and suffering along with her. My grands have been married for 65 years and they have had a great life together, we really can't ask for more.

Please keep my family in your prayers, thank you.

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