Monday, February 19, 2007


It's 42F today, I know most of the country is freezing, but since we don't get cold often it's really cold for us beach bunnies. Yes, most of you are laughing, but when you deal with 80-85 F in January for a week then 30-40F the next week, you get some confusion, if not with the inevitable question of "what should I wear", but "where the heck did I put that ONE turtle neck I own don't ever use and now desprately need". Yeah, Yeah laugh all you want, but geesh, the temps are all over the place. I think someone should wake up that groundhog and make sure just one more time!!

I went to Kansas's blog which is listed on my blog list and saw that she made a mesh bag for her daughter this past summer using plastic grocery bags, well, that was super creative, I loved it and that got my creative juices flowing and thought wow I've never woven on the rounds, I weave on the Triloom, but in the round..... So off I went, I started the bottom of a purse with the cotton twine like crochet yarn , which was left over from the summer purse I made last year and of course didn't count the number of rolls I had, and this stuff is from my mom's stash that came from Spain, needless to say I don't have enough, but I have a solution, I will make the body of the purse in Peaches and Cream and the bottom of this twine, its similar in color so the difference won't be that noticeable. Here are pics of the bottom, I'm almost finished weaving it.

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