Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What have you been working on?? HAIRNETS ??? Did someone seriously say HAIRNETS??

That's the current question on everyone's group list. Well I've been busy with some hairnets, yes I said hairnets. Why??? you might ask, well my niece's are all in ballet, ages 10,10,7 (yes twins) and my SIL asked if I would knit the girls these pouches to keep thier hair out of their faces as they danced, so I did. I remembered back in the dark ages when I danced ballet, my mom crocheted some of these thingys for my hair, so I went from memory of what they looked liked and I think I accomplished it. So when the girls went to dance class the next week the other moms asked my SIL if I sold them, well my SIL is a business woman and doesn't like to miss an opportunity to grab some cash so, she said "oh of course". So I wound up making several for sale I usually don't sell any of my craft items so pricing these are really up in the air. My SIL thinks she can actually get $10.00/ea. for the fuzzy yarn and $7.00/ea. for the acrylic yarn, I don't know, what I so know is I wouldn't pay that, but I guess if you don't knit, crochet or loom, you do. I'll keep you posted on this little venture.

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