Friday, February 02, 2007



Well I'm back from my trip to N.C. and I must say what a difference it makes to go to another state, I felt as if I'd left the country. The folks up there are sooooo nice, we got a "good morning" "thank you" and "your welcome" everywhere we when. It was truly refreshing, I can't remember the last time I walk into a place in Miami where people were actually happy to serve you? I know for some of you this may be strange but for me it was great. We went to Gatlinburg TN, Cherokee, Bryson City and Murphy NC. The trip to Gatlinburg was through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, what a great experience and ride. We saw snow!! yes!! Finally my hubby saw it for the first time!! That was exciting he was just like a little kid, made a snowman, snow angle and opened his mouth so that it fell on his tongue, I got a real kick out of seeing him enjoy it so much.
We went to Field of the Woods Bible park and this place was impressive. There are the ten commandments on the side of the mountain, the Psalms on the other side of the mountain totally huge, we tried walking up the 322 steps to get to the top but it was 23degrees and very windy we could only stay at the bottom and kept walking into the building to warm up .

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