Thursday, February 07, 2008

Update on Shawl

I'm in love with the knitting on this one, it's a really easy pattern and with it I learned to do K2, YO, K2, which the YO was the part I didn't know how to do and it creates the little eyelets, very cuteypie.

Since I'm knitting on it for about two hours a day I have 2 .5 more skiens to finish and I'll have it completed for my trip. I started with 5 skeins of this bulky yarn which weighed a pound so each skein was 3.20 oz. (math whiz that I am hehe). So far it's 29" long x 40" @ the hypotenuse with about 7 oz to go I'm also loving the fact that I don't need to fringe it, as I twisted fringe last year for what seemed to be an eternity LOL. Sorry about the crappy pic, but I left my camera at home and had to use the company issued construction camera (very scary piece of equipment).

So now my mind is working on the next knitting project I need to take with me that I can do for the long drive (14 hours). The baby blanket is too cumbersome for the car and I'm going to need something portable and of course from my stash. Maybe I'll start the stash buster afghan, now what stitch... that will take a bit of research, cause I'd like to learn somthing new, I wanted to do it in Entrelac, my elusive confusing stitch, maybe that will be a good time to learn it after all I do have 14 hrs to kill.

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Leigh said...

Wow, I really like the way the yo rows look. Simple but very attractive! I'll have to remember that.