Friday, August 22, 2008


I got these, yes they are sock yarn and DPN's my hubster wants sock so I broke down and am going to attempt to knit plain socks for size 12 skies (um feet). Then I got this, which is a tinker toy swift, why cause I needed one and saw this post and thought WOW how cool and I don't need to spend that much $$. So with the detailed instructions from Jen's blog I built my swift. Neat uh? Oh the thing at the bottom of the pic is a toilet tissue cardboard center with packing tape wrapped around it.

So when you combine the tinker toys with toilet paper roll and you do it correctly you get this a center pull ball of yarn that is fab-u-lous!!And just in case you guys thought I was slacking I made these they are Tawashi - Japanese for washcloth ( Meg am I right?) although I looked it up in Wiki and it was very different cause maybe I can't trust the people on Raverly, hehe just kidding I love you guys! Tawashi Town is a Raverly group and someone posted that in Japan, tawashi's are made of antibacterial acrylic yarn and you don't need soap to clean with them, I'm not going to try it cause mine are cotton and I as a rule use a sponge, but that's what was posted and I thought I'd share it with you all. The pattern was in Japanese with diagrams which I was thankful for. It's crochet and I haven't done in eons, so I needed practice and some help (thanks mom). This was challenging but oh so cute.

I don't know if I'm going to incorporate them into a hand towels for my SIL but I really like them they fit in the palm of your hand. Yet another decision to be made.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Good god, you're doing another one of those twisty, complex thing again!! Love the tinker toy swift idea. Genius.