Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Knitting Bag

I wove this fabric in January 2008, it was a sampler for the 12.5 DPI heddle I'd gotten.
Being my mother's daughter I didn't get rid of it and put it in "my magic closet" ( I'm really starting to act like my mom ;0D) for when I thought I might use it in some project or other.

Yesterday, I had the day off due to Tropical Storm Fay(which was a wind blower and soaker but thank God not damaging) I was so excited to not have anything planned other than my fiber per suits. YIPPEEEE!!! I'd been shopping for a knitting bag, nothing too big or small with just the right pockets for my things. I've seen some really nice and $$$$ bags, but really I would rather spend the moola on more yarn especially weaving yarn since I need to get going on the Christmas list. I decided that I could experiment with this piece of sample fabric and see what I could come up with.

If I can toot my own horn, I was quite smitten and a bit smug when I finished, although it posed a challenge I think it was worth the effort. So tonight at knit group I'll have a new bag to show off. ;0)


Kimberly said...

What a great bag! I love the detail of buttons on the bottom.


Thanks, it's my prototype and I'm using it to see what else I'd like in a bag before the final. So far I can't really add much but I'll see as I go along.

Leigh said...

Wonderful bag! Definitely worth the effort. You did good.

Taueret said...

good work! love it!

Peg in South Carolina said...

What a wonderful and practical bag. i like the pockets on the inside. Oh yes, I like the fabric you wove too........(grin!)

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous! I envy those who can make up their own patterns.
Hope you put it up for others to use - don't care has to be purchased.
Or tutorial to make our own


Vanessa, I just tried to email you but it didn't go through. You can check out there are a ton of tutorials that you can download. I always plan to take pictures and measurements, then get into what I'm doing and I forget, this time I remembered when I finished. Let me know if you need any help.

Lona said...

Very nice! You can definitely toot your own horn on this one!

Alice said...

Bag envy here! My kids always told me I have a "purse problem".