Monday, August 04, 2008

Woven Failure, Lessons Learned

I just noticed that I haven't posted anything for weeks, shame on me but in my defense I have been sucked into the massive underworld called Ravelry, WOW is that community huge and lots of fun by the way.

My weaving update, well I've been working on the light weight shawl after many difficulties and weaving mistakes I couldn't bear to weave two picks every ten minutes to then find mistakes and unweave 4 picks below that. The warp was not cooperating and was not lifting and lowering under any tension, I was aggravated beyond words and after two days and no progress I cut the warp off my loom.

This pic is of the loom warped with the second cotton which was Aunt Lydias 3, the weave was tighter but the warp of gassed cotton was not lifting.

This is a pic of the gassed cotton warp and weft, before washing and drying,totally unstable.

This final pic is of the top portion of gassed warp/weft and the bottom of gassed warp/ #3 weft. I have to say that after the wash the instabilities was significantly less noticeable, and in the bottom portion it was gone. I have about 4' of fabric that I plan to sew in to a project bag as to not waste the yarn and keep the sample useful.On another note,I have been informed that there are two more babies on the way, both girls so the next warp and weft will be for simple yet satisfying baby blankies. I need a break from the mind blogging stuff for a while, and to think Christmas is just around the corner and not one thing has been finished, not knitted or woven. AH - such is the life of a fiber artist if I can call myself that these days.


Peg in South Carolina said...

I'm sorry. Even though the best learning happens the hard way, I am still sorry.


Thanks Peg, but I learned what my RH is capable of and what it's not. So in reality this project help me realize what can be accomplished and planned for future projects and yarn purchases. This was with a 12.5 dpi heddle which is the smallest dpi I can purchase, and the gassed yarn which is the thinnest yarn I've worked, obviously I needed a closer dpi, since it's not available I can't use this yarn, but I can use the Lydia's #3 which is also a nice yarn and got better results.

Leigh said...

I know how disappointing something like this can be. And frustrating. The lessons learned are invaluable however, as you obviously know!

Alice said...

I as well have learned the hard way. My sympathies.

Jane said...

Ugh. What a heartbreak it can be. You showed great prudence and fortitude in cutting that off the loom and moving on. Been there. It's a tough decision, but the right one.

Here's to some cheerful, easy going baby blankets to soothe your weaver's soul.


Meg in Nelson said...

I commend you for sticking as long as you did with it. I have a few fabric swatches from the projects I aborted. One was a really nice blue wool in checks but I set them too closely and wove too tightly. And then my favorite swatch is the one I abandoned last week.

I just hope you don't stop!