Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Blankets Completed?

Well finally, I finished them, whew! I really had a tough time with these, not that they were complicated, not that the warp was misbehaving, not that the colors are not great, but they were well shall we say, B-O-R-I-N-G, just a snooze fest in my mind, but I'm glad I'm done with one weekends to spare, I can now play with embellishments.

This was my first attempt at said "embellishment", after I finished the very first thought in my head was "UGH ! how tacky does that look!!! I was horrified but it was @ 10:00p.m. last nite and I was tired, so I left it over night. Well guess what, it's still tacky this morning! The ever loving DH said it wasn't so bad, but later confessed that he didn't like it. His suggestion, which I thought was wonderful, is to really use my counted cross stitch knowledge and embroider the name along the side with the dark warp, light weft starting at the bottom, and you think that they don't pay attention, well he shocked me outta my socks, I guess 14yrs of crafting and they actually learn something along the way ;0)
So I dug out my embroidery floss and my book with tons of lettering and I will work on it this week.


Karen said...

Nice job on the baby blankets! If you don't want to hand embroider the names, why not take it to a shop and have them machine embroider the names for you?


That's an idea I hadn't thought about. Thanks.

Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, yeah, Hannah!! Lovely in pink.

Berenice said...

Wow!! You have done a wonderful job for these baby blankets!!