Friday, October 24, 2008

New Blog for Knitting

I've decided to keep this blog for my weaving endeavors and move my knitting posts to a new blog at wordpress the name of the the blog is Creative Textiles.

I'd like to keep the two separated in which my projects and ideas don't intermingle and create a mess. I've found that I've been posting less because of all the ideas going around in my mind, so for my creative sanity this should help.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, we here in South Florida are expecting a cold snap oooooohh a cool 65 degrees, I can't wait. hehe


Karen said...

Send some of that 65 degree weather up here? We are supposed to get our first snowstorm tomorrow.

Leigh said...

Two blogs for different things is actually a pretty good idea. My journal idea is okay, but sometimes I think it would be helpful to readers to separate things a bit.


Actually it really didn't come about for my readers, since I never think anyone reads my ramblings lol, but for my own sake. I get a lot of ideas for the two current crafts and I sometimes get all twisted about before I can get it all down, that way I don't blow a circuit in the grey matter.