Monday, February 22, 2010

Pick up Sticks

I'm reaching the end of the warp and started playing around with some hand manipulated weaving. I have Betty Davenport's Textures and Patterns the old copy and the new one, this is 3x1 window pane I can't remember which page but it's from the newer book. You pick up 1 warp thread and skip 3 down the length of the loom in the down position (heddle) where all the slot warp is exposed and able to move freely. I don't have proper pickup sticks but I do have shuttle sticks and long painter sticks that you stir paint with. Both work adequately for the purpose of picking up warp threads, I only make this point because I've been asked where can I get this gadget and that, but sometimes you can improvise, see if it's something you really need before you spend the $$ for it. I don't use the pick up sticks IMHO enough to purchase a few , especially since I can make due with what I have.

I'm enjoying the weaving and have done a long stretch with this weave structure, once off the loom I would like to wash and dry this portion to see how it looks. Under the tension on the loom you really can't tell what the structure is when you look at it straight on, but on the side view you can see the structure's bumps and valleys.

And then just because I couldn't stop myself I decided to start on a 2 x 2 pick up and see where that would go. I haven't woven it yet but will tonight and then have a comparison pic just for fun.


Benita said...

You have more patience than I do. I've tried pick-up and it slowed me down. :)

Still, I like the textures you are getting. Maybe I was too hasty.

Leigh said...

What fun! I've never tried weaving pick-up. I love what it can do, but like Benita, I'm short in the patience department. I will definitely have to give this a try one of these days though. Interesting what you can do with both color and texture.

Julie said...

It looks really good but it looks like alot of work!

Cindy said...

The textures you are creating with the pick-up sticks are lovely. I've been debating getting Betty's pattern book and you may have convinced me!