Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunshine / Sunburst Fabric

Whatever I name the fabric it's finished and I really enjoyed weaving it. Since I did as Lynn suggested and warped my inkle, I don't feel the project grief, I'm loving it and the weaving mojo is at it's peak. Mr. Deepend said he will finish my warping board this weekend and I'm going to try to warp for the Structo. I have to do some calculations and consult my book on how to get this done, but it's an adventure I'm looking forward to.
This is the 3x1 pick up I did for the first two sets of beads, the last was a 1x1 pick up. I cut a length of yarn strung the first set of beads, did the pickup in the down position and scooted the beads in place. I took some finagling but I got them in place (this is not a quick throw of a shuttle and some patience is required), shot 4 weft picks and strung on the next set of beads. I repeated the process until I had three rows of beading and run out of patience, This portion of the fabric will be incorporated into a summer tote for this year, I am looking forward to putting that together.

The three sections of beads under tension.

The finished piece is 14" x 10' before washing and drying. I plan to wash in it in the delicate cycle and hang dry. I 've started to worry about the wooden beads in the wash but canl hand wash it, I have to see what I'm comfortable with.
There's a long stretch of plain weave, textured weave, the beading weaving ending with plain weave again. This is the final pic showing all the textures and beading together for comparison. All in all I really enjoyed this project, I surprised by the textured portions prior to washing and like that the beads settled into place off loom and off tension.

Project Journal Notes
Yarn - Handspun Cotton -Oregon from Yarntopia I know I had 8 hanks but can't find yardage.
Pisgah Yarn - Peaches and Creme 4 ply - Red -1 ball, White - 1 ball and Orange - 2 balls
7.5dpi Heddle
2x1 =texture 1
3x2 = texture 2
3x1 = beads slots
1x1 = beads slots
Beads Wooden from Joann's Fabrics
14" x 10' before wash.


Theresa said...

It's beautiful! Love the beads and it sure does look like woven sunshine.

BTW, meatballs look yummy too!

Leigh said...

The beads are a great touch. They add both visual and textural interest. Plus the colors. Great piece.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Beautiful! I can see why you enjoyed weaving it. Yes, I would worry about those beads. Definitely hand wash, soaking in hot soapy water for as long as you dear (because of the beads), and, when damp, press really hard with a hot steam iron and it will be exquisite.

saoriweaver said...

A great piece of cloth with many possibilities. Love the beads.

Happy Weaving,

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, this weaving is absolutely beautiful! Wonderfully artistic!

Julie said...

Love those colors and wow cool beads!

Life Looms Large said...

Looks great! Glad to see someone else weaving in the red, orange, yellow colorway! (OK, so I'm just dyeing in that space right now....but sooner or later I'll need to weave all that yarn!)

I just started to use the warp calculator on weavolution. I really like it because it does some of the math for me. It's very similar to the calculations in Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler. (The only difference I remember is that Chandler doesn't factor in widthwise shrinkage the same way.)

Good luck & have fun!

Cindy said...

Love the beads on the cloth!