Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comment Questions

PattyAnne said...
I would love to see how you construct the Bible cover! Will you be showing us?

I didn't think anyone was really interested in how I would get the end product but sure
I'll to try to do a tutorial and take photos along the way to post for you to see.

bspinner said...
Your weaving is wonderful. Don't judge what you weave until its off the loom and washed.

Thank you, and your right I should not make any decisions until I wash and press, I always forget that fabric changes as it goes through that process.

Benita said...
That's going to be a lovely Bible cover - I think the twining areas will really add to it. And I think every weaver has a good selvage and a bad one. From what I can tell, if you are right-handed, that will be your good one, and the opposite for lefties. At least that is from my own observations from the classes I have taught. Does this fit you as well?

Yes, your right in your observation, I'm right handed and so always get my selvages on that side the way I want them and have to work harder on the left. Only when I inkle weave does that not make a difference and I think it's because it's weft faced fabric and both sides are always tight.

Theresa said...
Looks great and I bet practice will even up those selvage edges. On the spinners & weavers housecleaning pages someone is selling a lot of shuttles, some boat.

Thanks, your right once I got moving along with the shuttle both sides got really consistent. I also noticed that the twining kept the fabric nicely stretch out across and help with that.

Judy said...
I've struggled with twining myself and I don't know why? From the photos that I've seen, it seems like it should be easy, but, my fingers/brain don't seem to connect on that one! Nice fabric!

I'm glad I'm not the only one! As the lone weaver down here, I'm always second guessing what I do.

Julie said...
It looks wonderful! I have started working on my scarf but its slow going right now with summer here!

I get like that with the knitting I hate to work on heavy items in the summer.

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