Friday, June 11, 2010


Life is full of stuff; material stuff, mind numbing stuff, annoying stuff, paper stuff, clutter stuff... just plain stuff. Well I've been dealing with a lot of stuff and I thought I might share with you all and put it down somewhere to think about.
My youngest son turns 21 today, he's the baby of the family and although I didn't give birth to this one or his brother, I love them dearly, I'm a bit touched by how I feel about this today. This is a pic of my three kids the one on the left is the youngest.

My mother will have a lumpectomy on June 29, I'm planning to stay with her that week and sleep in my old childhood bedroom, which is her now sewing room and very close to the magic closet. I'm a bit worried about this for many reasons, but have prayed upon it and am leaving it in God's capable hands. With this, I'm also thinking about if something happens to my mom, what happens to my incapacitated g-ma that she cares for 24/7, a ton of emotional stuff. Me and mom she's only 68 to my 44.

My looms are nekkid, I haven't the motivation to warp any of them and that's scary stuff. I've been reading my book on card weaving and the guys at work made me some really great 1/16" acrylic cards that were done on a router, they are great looking now I need to put them to some use. I'm planning on making a dog leash as a thank you for one of the guys, the other one is the knitted hat guy.
I guess I need to get myself out of this funk and get going. I'm going to a local WWKIP tomorrow and I hope I snap into myself at one point or another.


Life Looms Large said...

Sorry you're dealing with so much stuff...and some of it definitely tough stuff.

You and your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers.

When my mother was seriously ill, I knit her a prayer shawl. I found it very soothing and therapeutic. There are patterns all over the place online.

Take care and check in when you can!


PS: The acrylic cards for card weaving sound wonderful! Can't wait til you're back to weaving and can show them to us!

Delighted Hands said...

I am sorry things are hard right now. I always turn to easy sock knitting when there is stress-it kills the creativity of new challenges for a while. Be patient with yourself. Hope all goes well.

Benita said...

The good thing about card weaving is that it is portable and you can take it with you to keep your hands busy at the hospital with your mom. That will help your nerves and I found that praying while weaving is a great relaxer. You just get so much peace from it.

Theresa said...

That's some pretty hard stuff. Lots of warm thoughts and prayers heading out your way. I second the prayer shawl idea. Knitting is always soothing for me and there can be magic in each little stitch. Of course anything portable that you can create with your hands will be soothing,
Have a uplifting WWKIP day.