Saturday, June 05, 2010


Picks 2 Pic was a great inspiration for this year's virtual exhibition. Lynn was my exchange partner and she sent me some really wonderful creative motivation, Thank You Lynn for your wonderful package it truly got my mind working and opened me to various new experiences.

My first inspiration was her beautiful hand spun, which triggered my spinning adventure. I am still in practicing but seem to be getting a bit better. I still love the art yarn that I'm creating and plan to use it later in the year for another project. I've also been told by experienced spinners that once I create true singles this art yarn will be forever lost as you will not be able to spin it this way again unless it's purposefully done.

My second piece was derived from a piece of dyed cloth that I pulled the colors to create an inkle woven wide band. I then took the band and sewed a small bag. This little piece of art has been to the Florida Keys and several trips to Miami Beach. I've gotten wonderful compliments on it and a few orders for others. It's inspired me to create more of them and a soon to come Etsy shop featuring the bags which are named Baja Bags.

The final piece was taken from the postcard that was a field of flowers, once I turned it on it's side I was struck by how much it resembled clasp weft weaving. Since it was a technique I wanted to try it was the perfect push in that direction. I'm planning to use this fabric to make a bag in for my smaller shuttles and card weaving supplies.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy the tour of Pick2Pics Virtual Exhibition 2010.


Delighted Hands said...

Thanks for passing on the inspiration to us! Beautiful.

Theresa said...

Impressive! I need to look at the other P2P sites. I love the bag.

Julie said...

Love that bag! Thanks for showing us!

Trapunto said...

Great pictures. I like the way you pose your clasp woven field of flowers in front of the greenery. It really brings it out.

Benita said...

I love the banner at the top of your site. Seeing someone happily weaving is such a beautiful thing.