Friday, September 03, 2010

The End of the Rosepath (for now)

I have been weaving steadily about 2 hours a night, 3 t0 4 nights a week. I've had broken warp threads, stuck harnesses, mistakes, unweaving, reweaving, cutting off and re-tieing. I have finished the Rosepath runner, well pieces of a runner, and it was a good experience, I figured out my feet and at one point had some type of rhythm working. Much to my dismay, I can't weave and pay attention to much else, I get confused and can't get back to what I was doing, yes Mr. Deepend has been warned to leave me at my loom without so much as a whisper to distract me.

Thanks to Theresa @ Camp Runamuck, I have viewed and taken notes on a wonderful dvd that explains warping. Let see if that can happen this time with more ease, you guys have promised that it does get easier every time I do it so I'm holding you to your word. LOL..

On our outing Saturday night my SIL who is a damn great interior designer hobbyist (Financial Guru by day) clued me into the fact that last winter was really cold here by Florida standards(yes it really was 30's and 40' are not normal some of your are chuckling I know). She bought a scarf to cover her neck, because she asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to the cold. She purchased only one and then figured she needed a few more to compliment her outfits for work but when she went back to Macy's, Dillards and Nordstrom they were sold out (yes she has expensive taste compared to my Penny's is the best place for clothes mind), so she thinks there's a niche for scarves in Florida, trust me I tried not to laugh out loud since you know Etsy is full of beautiful scarves should she have asked me then, but I do love her and think she a great lady, she's just not clued into the handmade movement yet, she'll come around. I figured she was eluding to needing another one for this winter, hence her Christmas present will be just that. I can't believe I'm already think Christmas presents.... that is so not right.

This is the draft I think I want to make for her scarf. It's simple yet challenging as it has all 10 harnesses working although I wish it were 8 only but I'm game to try it, I mean really how bad can it be? I really like the design plus I can tie up a few different variation to weave an extra scarf (that still tickles me pink that I can thread it once and just tie up differently to get different results, I love that, it just genius). I have the charcoal grey and tan Orlon yarns, that she can wash and dry without much fuss and with her being asthmatic, I don't want to give her any animal fiber just in case.

I found this draft on
Title: A German Weaver's Pattern Book, 1784 - 1810
Author: Christian Morath, Joseph Murllman, and others
Date: 1784-1810
Description: A complete set of exquisite "Hin und Wieder" drafts from the pattern book of Christian Morath, Joseph Murllman, and others. Reprinted in June, 1961 by Nellie L. Galvin.

I will measure out my warp this weekend and hopefully get it on the loom by Monday.


Delighted Hands said...

The weaving dance like any other will come with practice. My husband says I am grumpy when I am threading the loom-I tell him it is not a grumpy face, just major concentration for threading!!! The scarf idea is going to be pretty for your sil!

Life Looms Large said...

I feel really lucky that my loom is in a space by when I need to concentrate I can.

Your description of how you need to concentrate when you weave reminds me of when I learned to drive a stick shift. I couldn't even have the radio on or I'd get so confused. But later it became easy to drive, chat, listen to the radio and more!

I think weaving is that way too.

I love the draft you've chosen! Looks like it will be a beautiful scarf!


Theresa said...

I hope the next warp is easier and less fussy. It took me quite a while to get confident and proficient at warping, but doing a lot of smaller, short projects that worked up quickly helped a lot. I was warping the loom almost every day as time allowed. I actually like warping, although I have been terribly slow with some of my recent warps, but Stella has sucked up a lot of time
this summer too.

bspinner said...

Some time it takes a while to get the hang of warping a loom but to be truthful I think I enjoy that just as much or more than the actual weaving.

I love the pattern you chose for your scarf. I'm sure it will be beautiful.