Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wee Bit of a Scarf

I've been working on the 1st scarf, um.... I think it looks like the pattern maybe. I'm not sure I still don't see it, but I'm going ahead with it, weaving 14" so far. I've had a broken warp and one of the floaters break but nothing major and for that I'm thankful. Since I slayed two picks per dent my scarf has shrunk in width considerably, to a mere 5". I figured I can still weave it off, wash it and dry it and see if it can be used as a skinny fashion scarf. My selvages on the left are good but the right is still giving me some trouble, I thought it would be different since I'm right handed but it seems that I'm over cautious when I throw the shuttle from the right side creating little loops. I also noticed that when I'm concentrating on my feet the shuttle movements seem to go better. I'm beating with both left and right hand dependent on which hand is catching. I read somewhere that you need to be able to work both hands and feet with the same motions, it takes some getting use to but I figure by the time I finish this warp, I'll have some of that worked out.


Theresa said...

I'm not seeing the pattern either, but it is an excellent experiment/practice piece. Selvages, the bane of my existence also. A temple helps, but also, it would seem the two edges are different as in where the pattern falls, so that is part of it too. Look underneath, your right selvage might look more like the left and vice versa...

PattiHN said...

Actually, to me it looks like the pattern was designed for two colors in the warp (alternating blocks) and two shuttles (one for each color, in alternating sections). Maybe you should check the pattern again?

Delighted Hands said...

BUT, don't loose sight of the point of all this--You Are Weaving on your own floor loom! Oh, yeah!
The scarf will be a great first and you will wear it with pride!

Leigh said...

I think your weaving looks great. You should be proud!

Peg Cherre said...

You know, sometimes things look pretty different after they're wet finished. The pattern may (or may not) show up better then.

In either case, take heart -- it happens to the best of us! And we learn only through experience when we need to sett closer or farther to achieve our desired pattern, despite what the "average" sett is for a particular yarn.

You'll quickly get used to paying attention to all things/nothing at once.

And after weaving hundreds of pieces, if one of my selvedges is going to be a bit crooked, it will always be my right. And I'm right handed, too. Surprises me every time.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Since the draft shows swirling stars that are similar, but different than I used in a scarf, I thought I'd look it up in and found a comment: "NOTE: This draft is for multiple separate layers of cloth that will come apart after weaving!" Maybe that is why it isn't looking exactly like the draft? I wonder if the drafts can't show some designs correctly because it's impossible? I'll anxiously wait to see how yours works out.

bspinner said...

Your weaving is wonderful and you should be very very proud of it.

Almost all weaver have some problems with selvages. I know my left one never is as nice as the right. Why? Who knows it just is and I've finally accepted it.

Nancy - How to Homemaker and Basketmaster said...

Hi Bety,
It is Sat. evening 17th. Just felt a calling to keep your mother in my prayers. Hope she is handling well all she is going through and hope you are doing well too.
Give us an update when you get a chance.