Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Warped, Threaded and Weaving

I put a new warp on the warping board, if I think I counted right this is 8 yds (?) still getting use to figuring that out. I used my dining room chairs to hold up the warping board, I was able to stand and get this done in about 2 hours. I didn't use the warping paddle since I was only using one cone of yarn seemed like over-kill. I chained the warp up as instructed in the DVD Theresa sent me (loved it was really easy to understand, I can't thank you enough)
Nice and smooth just an easy warping process this time, I got a few snags but nothing that wasn't settled with a quick tug of the warp.

The bobbins were wound with my new Louet bobbin winder, love that thing, works like a dream did these in no time flat, although I still need to get the hang of not creating peaks and valleys as I wind, but practice will take care of that.
Then the change came about, I talked myself out of the 10 harness pattern, I figured it might be too much too soon (actually I chickened out before I started the warp on the board). I search my files and found this pattern and thought it was simple enough with some interesting tie ups and a pretty pattern in 8 shaft.

I started sampling, it doesn't really look like the draft (bottom portion of weaving). I checked the tie ups and the heddle threading, it was all correct. I thought maybe I should beat the life out of it, so I whacked it into place, still not doesn't look like the draft (center tighter portion). I then started a much lighter beat, tap, tap and still I don't see it (top loose portion). Do you guys see it? Even when I squint, which is usually when I see the patterns in weaving, not here, not on this one.

Any suggestions? What should I be looking for?


Woven Spun said...

What is your sett? What is the weight of your warp yarn and what is your epi? You may have too loose a sett for this kind of pattern.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

My first thought too - your sett may be too loose for this structure, especially with those long floats.

Deanna said...

I think that woven and cindie are right. Look at how close the gray/blue threads are in the weft and how far apart the yellow are in the warp. You should have them equal to see this pattern.

Delighted Hands said...

I have woven this and what is missing is the dark color in the warp threads to give the right interplay of sections. You are to alternate the gold and the dark colors in both warp and weft-ask Dave Daniels to be sure-he has done this pattern in the last year.

Dianne Dudfield said...

I agree that the sett is probably where the problem is. I can follow the pattern so that side is correct.
As a guide to ascertain sett take a ruler, wrap warp thread around a one inch section having them lie close but not crammed. Count the wraps. For tabby divide by two or half, for twill you want two thirds so divide by three and multiply by two.
Hope this helps.

PattiHN said...

You should look at the weavezine article--it's very helpful.

Good luck!

Judy said...

You picked up warping very fast-congrats on that!!

Theresa said...

All of the above, I thought this a typically a color and weave pattern too, with 8 dark and 8 light but maybe not always. I would look to the sett. So glad the warping was a non-issue though. It makes everything much more enjoyable when you don't have anxiety of getting a warp on. And don't get discouraged with the first few warps. The whole thing is such a learning curve. Now that the warping is approachable, all the other stuff comes with practice and trial and error. I learned a lot from the first year of warps I put on my loom.
One thing every weaver should have by their loom is a copy of The Weaver's Companion by Handwoven Magazine. Small, informative and very useful when it comes to working out sett on fibers that have not been put up specifically for weaving and have no sett range.