Friday, February 04, 2011

I made my mom another chemo cap, she had her 2nd treatment and is feeling tired, but in good spirits and is eating well. I need to find some buttons to compliment this one. It my own pattern and I used Caron Simply Soft Paints, that yarn is so soft it's a pleasure to work with.

I've also been working on my neice's baby gifts, these booties pattern is Classic Cashmere Booties

from the book Simple Knit for Cherished Babies. It's full of sweet little knits I got it at the library and am thinking about ordering a copy for my personal library.
Along with the booties I've been working on a Tomten baby jacket, which of course is an Elizabeth Zimmerman classic from the book Knitting without Tears. I love the way this jacket comes together. I'm planning a cap for this set.
On the weaving front, I have selected yarns for my SIL's scarf and will start winding warp tonight, I would like to have it tied up my the end of tomorrow and hopefully start some weaving next week.


Theresa said...

Oh sweet baby booties and sweater. I love that EZ pattern, it's so darn cute. I know your Mom will appreciate the additional cap. Pretty colors and I have touched this yarn before, actually squeezed it and wouldn't let it go. It is very soft. Take a pic if you find a special button please. Glad to hear her spirits are good.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Good thoughts coming your Mom's way from Oregon. Such a trying time for you both. And doesn't something seem so wrong that on top of having cancer and having to go through chemo that one loses their hair too - insult upon injury! The special caps made with so much love will be much appreciated by your Mom.

Delighted Hands said...

The hat turned out beautifully; nice work. I have never knit the tomten only the surprise jacket=this looks like a fun knit.

WonderWhyGal said...

The boots and sweater are really nice but I love the chemo hat. I'm always a sucker for hats.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!